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Wednesday, February 24, 2010



about a week ago I went with Grandma Claus to Trent University's Elder's and Traditional Peoples conference. I have not been somewhere without at least one child since baby Indy was born....actually I think no since my honeymoon a few years ago. (yes we waited until we could afford to get married).

We had a fantastic time and listening to Elders and teachers speak opens your eyes. I think we all learn something different, something we needed to learn. Yes we may gain further understanding of a teaching. Begin to learn a new one but the big things are the personal things you realize.

One thing I realized is that I want to partially homeschool my kids in highschool. This had occured to me, but due to pressure and self doubt I kept saying they would go to highschool. But I realized that there is SO SO much I need to teach my children and homeschooling gives me the oppertunity. I do want they to take some courses and get involved in sports and clubs. But if a child is in school all day they come home, have homework, play, there is not much time left, unlike homeshooling. So bringing more traditional knowledge into our day is one of my decisions. I am not doing feathers and beads, that is traditional crafts, good to know, but there is so much more. Also we are learning my language. French was never gonna happen. Right now we are working on the alphabet. This way we will start speaking with proper pronounciation...very important.

Also we need to travel more. We are taking our first hotel trip next month and going to go to a museum and skating. But we need to visit Aunties and Uncles. Both as a family and one on one. Kids learn so much from Aunties and Uncles because they are not Mom & Dad. Traditional and plain commen sense knowledge is often learned this way. Plus everyone gets a need a break from us sometimes too.

Also it is time for some of my children to start bringing together their own bundles. I am preparing at this time to help them start. There is much to teach before they grow up and I have to be ready.

I also realized (with Grandma Claus' help) that there is a big market for my sewing skills. Everyone is selling wraps with applique (like what I have made for myself) except they are appliqueing basic designs where mine are more like a picture...a detailed picture. I could definatly corner the market...just ned to have the cash to pull it off...income tax return i guess.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Febuary Activities.

We have had a good busy midwinter season. We have been skating with local home schoolers and un-schoolers. We have also done plenty of skating and sledding on our own.

We made valentines cards with some other homeschoolers and we will send them to a group of home schoolers in the states. I spent hours setting up a valentines craft for my kids. It is a mosaic heart. You cut up hundreds of squares of colour from a magazine. The wish book is perfect and the kids are done drooling over it. I separate all the colours into sandwich bags (red, pink, purple, black). Then you glue the squares on a heart with thin spaces between the pieces. Punch in 2 holes (when dry) and stick a valentines sucker through the holes like a heart. One child made one of these, the rest of the valentines were their own creation. regrettably no pictures cuz my phone was dying. It was a good fun day.

We also went down town to go skating. Usually we skate at the rink at our local park (it's easier and I don't drive). Down town in front of city hall the community college, military college and University were working on snow sculptures, they were making mini bobsled runs (for crazy carpet use). The ollege one was finished with decorative detail being added. The one from the military college collapsed. The University's was a big pile of snow. Apparently they were researching. I think it said alot for the practical education college offers. The college students let the children try it out. The skating rink had a hot dog stand and beaver tail stand. If you haven't had beaver tails I suggest you find some. Yummy yummy treat. They also had ice sculptures and free hay wagon rides around downtown. We had an excellent day. I hope it is still around on our next trip downtown.