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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 1 of shooting out Dino movie

So day 1 of shooting is complete. All the kids had a role and I was behind camera. We had an extra as Ko-Ko had a sleepover with my BFF's daughter (they are also tight). We will call her The Rose.

SW was the director. Kept track of number if photos so we knew when we had enough.

Indy kept track of him and commented lots. And added our layers of dirt as the last 65 million years past by.

Ko-Ko was in charge of the T Rex (she made) and the foot prints.

The Rose was in charge if the Pteranodon she made.

Runner was in charge of the Triceratops and the volcano.

Ko-Ko and The Rose were in charge of the lava flow after it left the volcano... Being that they were the artistic directors.

We next need to change sets for our paleontologists to cone on the scene and find the fossils. I also have to get all the pics on the computer.

And now we are off to park day.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Crafty Dino Day

Today we did much prep work for our next big project, a claymation movie. Our movie will be about how some (dino) fossils are formed.

Today's prep work was making our plot, storyboard and clay figures. We lacked enough clay.

To compensate we will ask some friends if we can borrow their volcano or make a cardboard one.

We also have some Lego paleontologists.

Research was required. This was generally review but we needed to know for sure that our Dinos would have been alive during the same time.

We also needed to confirm that their fossils would be found in the area out paleontologist would be in. I can't wait to get more done and to share our hard work here.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Remember When...?

Remember the last time I cleaned at night after kids were in bed and how happy I was with the results? Did I keep that up? Obviously not cu several months later I came up with a cleaning an that worked beautifully but left us short on school time and energy.

Well last night when I got home (1:30 this morning) it was a pigsty. I was in a very bad mood about it. Mostly at the adults. Seriously popcans on the floor!? Who does that?

Then I realized that my bad mood would be ten times worse come morning. So I picked up the mess, then stacked the dishes. Before I knew it the time was about 4:30am and the whole upstairs was clean and tidy. I was very eased. Went to bed in a good mood and wine up in a good 11am.

Ok so this won't work as a daily plan but maybe once or twice a week....if I can stick to that. Yes our chore charts are working well but not when I am busy.
My good mood resulted in us playing our geography twister (previous post), baking and relaxing. This time my co-workers will be having the treats which is blueberry cheesecake brownie. I have blogged them before but I start work in four minutes so a link will have to wait.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Twisted Geography

This is a Carnival of Homeschooling entry, check out the others.

Edit: they love it!

The other day I was lamenting on an online homeschool group the loss of our geography twister game. We had worn it out over the years. Buying a new one did not seem practical as my kids needed one more challenging the just the continents.
I thought it would be neat to make one.

After that rolled around my mind for a day, I took action.

On Friday the kids and I went shopping for supplies. I even found the perfect material for the mat. It is cotton with a vinyl back. The reverse of a tablecloth.

Mapping out the map was my next challenge. I printed a map off the computer. Then I reloaded the same piece of paper and printer off a grid.

The kids them helped me draw the grid on the fabric mat. Well they started. I ended up filling it in. I really needed a yard stick.

Then came drawing the map. This took a ling time. And the middle section if the country looks a bit squashed to me. All in all I think I did a good job.

Next it needed colour. I used fabric markers. One pack barely made it through the whole map. But I got it done. I added some land features (mountains, volcanoes, arctic circle, Canadian shield) and Capitol cities.

The capitols are the only things marked. Everything else us unnamed. Adds to the difficulty.

Next are the spinners. Since I have 24 possible options to spin to I have decided I need 2 spinners. One for places. One to tell you which foot or hand. I still have to put the spinner together. Bit since I have stayed up almost all night doing this, it'll have to wait. I also need to gem the mat.

I can't wait to get playing. I think this turned put well!

I will let you all know how it went.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A (Photo) Walk Down Memory Lane: Sunny Not

I am going to take a look back over Sunny Not's life (and eventually the other kids too). In the search for these photos we found it was harder to find pics before facebook and cellphones as cameras. Our being so poor that we often couldn't afford to develop the roll on the disposible camera didn't help. Some pics are pics I took a picture of :)
This is Sunny not at 5 weeks. My brother is holding her. (Yes I am adopted so I don't look like my siblings).
This is a pic of her at a few months.
I remember being so happy that i won an in home photo shoot of my new baby. I think the photographer was disappointed that I refused to buy more. I hadn't yet figured out that free always had a catch :)

This is Sunny Not at nearly one year. I loved this dress.

This is her first year dancing t the powwows. She is 2.

Sunny Not and I at her 3rd birthday.
It was at the Native center, they had space, I didn't...and yes I was one of those Indians with bleached out hair :(
Ash and her friend K at the same party.Watching over Ko-Ko Halloween night while I put SW to bed. Age 4Christmas, age 5.All 4 kids. Sunny Not age 6Age 7. Ballet class. Picture taken with dance teacher and Ko-Ko
Sunny not and her friend C at a powwow. Age8.Powwowing with friends C & D Age 9.
Age 10. Sunny Not and C t my wedding Shower.Sunny Not (11) with friends K, C & D at powwowSunny Not and C looking after Indy. 12 years old.
Christmas at the Native center. Age 13.
Sunny Not, her friend K, and Mr & Mrs Claus (not my inlaws, the other ones) Sunny Not (13) and Cousin C at Algonquin Park Powwow Sunny Not and I at her grade 8 grad last year age 14Sunny Not watching Indy at Scugog powwow with friends.

Sunny not (this year) getting her new tattoo

Reading and Backyard Campout

One of the things we have been doing in school us reading the breadwinner trilogy that I recently bought.

Another thing we do is read the paper. Generally not the whole thing. I read a headline and if anyone wants to hear more then the article is read.

Now we can combine the two. The kids have increased their interest in world conflicts and issues because of this book.

After school the kids all went out to play. Then took a trip to the store. This is what I found when I went out to do some weeding in the gardens.

They also included a picnic area.

And I saw some of my new and rescued roses blooming.

This is a rescued one in the garden that separates out yard from our neighbour. Much nicer then a fence :)

And this is one of the new ones.

So glad I baked myself into a better mood so I could enjoy all this. Now we have to see if the kids tented and tarped well enough for the rain.