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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Our first field trip of the school year is a little early because they close up on labour day. I made a unit study for the kids. My Dad picked us up in my brother's van. Sunny Not didn't wake up so we went with out her. This was sad for me but we had a good time. The weather is 40C with the humidex so heading out in the morning was important. Due to heat we just did Kingston Mills and Jones Falls.

We saw a boat going through the locks in Kingston. We talked with the owner about his trip. We checked out the museum was so-so but the video was good. At Jones Falls we had ice cream, checked out boats and another video. There was a ton of fish by the walking bridge and the kids were impressed with that We did not do any hiking because of the heat. We finished and took our picnic back to my Dad's fully air conditioned I said, it's HOT There has been some complaint about it not being school yet...too bad for them.

Oh, you gotta publish things from

So today I noticed a button called "share" yep my website with links to work pages is only viewable by me...until today when I noticed the share my stuff is published if anyone is interested. Some stuff I made to use with the books I have, others are unit studies (volcanoes, explosives, sewing). Ina's Native Homeschool

Monday, August 30, 2010


Gotta tell you I him and haw about this one every year. They did a good job this year, they just gotta get a new whipman...perhaps a man...who knows how to be a whip man...just a thought

ANYWAY! I had today off in the end, my friend Christina believed she had 2 spots so Indy and I went. My mom in law, Grandma Claus also had a ride. The powwow is small so Indy could run and have a great time.And he did. He chased the head dancer Bernard around the circle, as well as the MC. He played monster with one of the vets. He ran around the dance circle, outside the dance circle and outside and inside the tipi tent. (I would never buy such a thing but to each their own. Indy ran every where and interacted the whole way.

The powwow also had a feather dance. In this dance a feather is placed on the ground. You bend down without touching and pick up the feather in your mouth. During this Indy dragged his "go deigo go" chair everywhere.It was a good day, good dancing and all that.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Yep sometimes teens think they would rather be with their friends, sometimes they think if they are with their friends then their siblings gotta go. Here is proof my dear Sunny Not that you can
have fun with your family too. These are all pics she took herself (some with a timer)

Thursday, August 26, 2010


What would I do with out my staples card...and staples home delivery, free with orders over a certain amount (not sure what it is but I am always over it).

As a homeschooling Mom staples is my best friend. (They are NOT paying me to say this.) So today I ordered ink cartridges (cuz I use my printer ALL the time. Dry erase markers (cuz we have a monster that eats them I think) and eraser for the white board (same reason). I got pencils, pencil grips, erasers, a new pencil sharpener and pencil crayons. And it will all arrive tomorrow or Monday. And it all goes on the card for me to worry about next month. When I will probably buy a few b-day gifts on it. I should get an easy button

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


What We Do After A Ceremony
anyone who hosts any spiritual event knows what I am talking about
The house I spent all day cleaning? Well it of course needs to be cleaned again. But only the areas where people went.

The kitchen and dishes are in major need of help. It would be simple to use paper plates but it is wasteful, and we are trying to make less garbage.

The left overs are the days food, so no cooking until supper. Of course there is lots of deserts. The fruit was all eaten as was most of the real food dishes...but I think they were smaller. Good thing is I have 2 pitchers of juice that I made that didn't even get used. We made so much strawberry drink that everyone had plenty.

The kids want to play with their friends. They didn't work very hard with SW away at camp, but they had very little "kid time".

So I am on my computer, eating sweets, and will get around to clean up (I have done the floors), before I go with Christina to register for the Queens University powwow sign Ko-Ko back up in gymnastics and go watch "the switch" with Jennifer Aniston & Jason Bateman. I see the trailers all the time at work and it looks like I will laugh, cry and feel good. Sounds like a girl night to me. Hubby and "the expendables" will have to wait a bit. Don't get me wrong I REALLY want to see the expendables but girl movie is my pick for tonight.


Tonight was our traditional Native Full Moon Ceremony. Mohawk way as Grandma Claus (my mom in law) is Mohawk. It was also a first. We had this one at home. In the past we always traveled to the rez or up north. Grandma Claus learned to do full moon from her teacher on the rez (Tyendinega). But she was given the push when her teacher had to go away. So it was time.

Now I know many think our culture is cool etc (mostly yuppies and stuff), and this sounds fun, but it's a lot of work. We have hosted enough ceremonies to know it's a lot of work. Put we did it. And two days after getting home from powwow no less. Cuz Monday I was exhausted. Had a nap. Did no cleaning. So 2 days worth of cleaning, backyard clean up, laundry, dishes, supper and cook for a midnight feast. Plus I wasted 3 hours fighting with the city. We technically are not allowed to have a ceremony (sacred fire). we pretend it will be somewhere it is not. They have our address and if someone phoned we would be fined. However I made small headway. They will come check out our yard. They will also have my husband show how a sacred fire is done (in the technical, not spiritual sense). I explained that my husband is the only fire keeper in the city who is a real traditional, trained as a child, chosen by the old people fire keeper. Has been trained longer then a doctor. I hope we get it eventually. I would love to say "OK so we are having ceremony this weekend, just so you it should be.

Eventually everything is ready. I showered and dressed and felt ready. It was nearly perfect. I say nearly cuz my teaching is that nothing is perfect. And Sunny Not left. She was rude to Grandma Claus (as she is to her other granny too, but this is my house). I asked her to apologize and she refused. I said she can not attend ceremony conducted by the person she is being rude too. She left. I don't think she gets that it breaks my heart.

Big day for Runner as he got to further his training. It was nearly perfect. One of the other two NDN homes on our cul de sac helped out. 2 of my kids were involved. The weather beautiful and no neighbors called the cops on us WOO HOO! Hope you all had good days too.

Monday, August 23, 2010


DISCLAIMER: I wrote this on very little sleep
I love this powwow, but the end is even more sad because it is our families last full weekend powwow. This one was vacation for SW and I. Each year, I take one child to powwow. They go 2 yrs in a row. I started this with Sunny Not 4 yrs ago. t an age where they do not need my constant eye on them. When they are old enough to behave and hang out with their powwow friends, but young enough that they are not tipi creeping (an activity involving young adults and hormones for those not up on Native slang). Next year is
Ko-Ko's turn.

We arrived in beautiful weather, set up our tents, (with tarps). SW
started us a nice fire. we roasted hot dogs. He found his powwow friends and visited. My friend Christina (who SW and I traveled with) and I found some of our friends, checked in, visited. We knew everyone in the clearing we were camped in which was nice as well. Later our friend Marie and her daughter showed up. We roasted marshmallows and talked ill around midnight and then went to bed. I bought another new air mattress. I spent more money and got a good one, a double high to...I felt like princess and
the pea, and I slept like princess too.

Saturday rained. It rained all day. Some times it was light rain & we all danced more. At Golden Lake the dance circle is not defined z by ropes or cedar but by bleachers and trees. There are some open spots for those of us who prefer to bring our own seating (most dancers do). The MC suggested that the spectators in the bleachers (each with a tarp canopy)lend u dancers an umbrella during the flag song and giving thanks etc. It started pouring during grand entry. As the rain lightened up, I went from wet to damp, but cold. I spent the rest of my money on a sweater. Sw
spent his all on food. I suspect candy but he claims Indian tacos.
Normally I would believe that but he spent a lot of time at a vendor called the "candy shack". The feast that night was great...loved the moose balls and the lemon meringue pie. Warmclotghes and food made us feel sleepy. Christina and her daughter went to sleep. But I had no little ones, so Marie and her daughter and I went vsiting different camp fires of friends. The rain stopped shortly after dark. Marie and I went to the dance circle (it doesn't close till 10pm at Golden Lake) and took in a few dances. SW was there rockin the social songs (my kids love these).
Then we finished visiting and crashed after some girl talk.
Mos tdancers wore shoes, and also some wore sweaters etc...
it was cold and rainy, bu that is powwowing in Ontario.

Sunday SW and I woke up and still no rain (Marie and I told everyone it wouldn't rain despite the cloudy sky). So we packed up. It started raining after we were done. We went to breakfast after which Marie and Christina had to pack up in the rain. However it stopped before grand entry and stayed dry with the odd misting until giveaway when it started to spit. Couldn't be better. We left and drove the 2 hours and a bit to Napanee where we got McDonalds (no where for food before that). We could have stayed for the fest but that would have been really late. We were going to spend the night again but SW had year we will
l stay an extra night.

The dancing was fun, the conversations full of laughter and the foodwas good and warm...what more could you ask for?

Friday, August 20, 2010


A Scary word for kids...even more scary for parents without coverage.

Yes I have always known that it is ideal to take children for regular check ups to the dentist. But 5 kids and no dental coverage. We don't have high paying jobs, or medium ones either. So we never went. A lot of families don't go for the same reason.

Runner has changed that. He had a tooth ache. So this morning (he felt better, but still) I started calling. Some advised me to a franchise when I explained no coverage and no funds for multiple trips. I needed one trip. Then I was told the health unit has a program for families like ours.

The franchise does not consider the health unit funds as payment...evil franchise.

The health unit has several hoops to jump through.

I just want my kids teeth fix so he is no in pain. Plus he, Ko-Ko & Indy are excited to go to my Dad's. Okaga is excited to go Powwow with me so tomorrow afternoon doesn't work. In the morning I have so much to do. I have no ride today and I don't want to wait weeks...who knows how bad the pain might get.

I was stressed, tired and crying. Calls dropped,wrongly directed,phone tag, bak and forth.

Finally with the help of the health unit, dentist, his receptionist. Mom & dad and my friend Marie I pulled it off. Appointment happened today (Thursday at 1pm). Tomorrow my parents will take him to the health unit to jump threw hoops.

Can only go up from here...
...until Runners teeth show small cavities in EACH baby molar. DAMN! I had so many decisions to make, and only 2 are covered by the health unit. We got fillings (2 more covered appointments to finish). Now I need to figure out if teeth cleaning can be done or else we will pay for it. $100 per kid, spread the kids out and we can do it.I realized we need to fork the money over now, or the kids will pay for it later. Every Mom who can't afford the dentist knows this is just not always possible. The how seems impossible. I guess the extra money on my baby bonus this year has a destination.

My kids will become the king of floss. It is my new goal.

P.S. I will get powwow pics for the blog this weekend while at Golden Lake powwow...I will.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well obviously not in this house. So what is this blog about?

Indy was watching a leap frog DVD bout going to school for the first time. In it Tad and Lily go off to school by themselves (no other students or teachers) on the day before school so they know what is what. To Indy it looks like they are by themselves. He likes the DVD. So he and I had a conversation:

Me: "Where is Tad's Mom and Dad?

Indy: "All gone home" (they don't come on this trip they are taken to school by some kind of bug).

Me: "They are all alone?"
Indy: "yes'

Me: "You will learn school with me, at home."

Indy: (giggles) "yes"

Me: "and SW and Ko-Ko & Runner"
Indy: "yes, all stay home with me at school!"

As a Mom who watched her other four trot off to school by themselves. Two of them before they turned 4. One within days of turning 4. Some cried, some looked scarred, one was just not ready (tiny youngest Ko-Ko). I cried. There is a reason there are hundreds of books trying to convince these little kids that leaving Mom all day to be with strangers is suddenly a good thing. We need back up for the lie. They all have the same theme (don't cry it will be fun, fun, fun!)

I am so glad not to repeat this experience. I am glad to make hot lunch on cold days. Have time for hot breakfast in the morning. To know that the fruit I buy is happily eaten. It used to be hidden in a nap sac and then they would lie and get a fruit roll up (or other similar garbage) from the school. When my kids eat junk I like it to be my decision, or at least home made sweets. I am glad to be done with SW running away. Done with Ko-Ko being dragged to school. Done with my kids being bullied, and then punished for it because it takes two to fight (apparently the school system doesn't know what a victim is). Done with them getting racist comments on a regular basis. Done with their shame.

My kids are learning more then academics now. They have better grades but what really makes me smile is that Ko-Ko has stopped hating the world this year. They are making friends, not fighting off bullies. They are learning how to socialize in a civil way, not the lord of the flies school yard method.

Back to school? Never Again.

Monday, August 16, 2010

"Me Want One Powwow Again"

These were Indy's words today after Ko-Ko and I drummed for the prenatal program at the Native Friendship Center this evening.

Our powwows are winding down now. Golden lake, Silver lake and then one more in September and it is just a one day powwow. If we had more money and more vacation days there are more we could attend. I thought we'd do Ardoch but not looking like it right now. I wish we could attend more too. I felt a little bad because the one I am going to this coming weekend is Just SW and I. It is our Vacation together. I am glad he likes powwows. I wish he talked more. I would like to know what he likes about them.

He does not dance. He has a dance regalia but he freeze up at the circle. I wonder if we attended more powwows in territories where you can carry your little ones, if he would dance then. I know I would carry him in and then hope he wants down at some point to join in. But some of our Nations carry babies in the dance circle so that they will always stay in the circle (like my Nation). And some don't because they believe that any thing you carry you are offer to the creator and they don't want to offer back their babies. This is the teaching in most of the area around us.

I know he likes the drums. Maybe he will dance when he is older...maybe he will be a drummer. Right now I am just happy that he loves to powwow.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have been putting together a unit study for the Rideau Canal and locks. It took a while. My hold up was the history of it. It seemed pretty short and basic. Then I thought to myself "why do I need to tell the kids more if it is straight forward?" See I am still getting used to the fact that school doesn't need filler. The history ended up full enough anyway by the time I was done. I think I am getting better at the unit study thing. Allthough I think my review may be a bit basic for my 11 yr old (he will be grade 7 when we get back to school work). I think I will make up a separate yet similar review page for him....ok, BRB

Back...So the second page of the review now has an alternative page that is very similar but I think more appropriate to S.W.'s skill level. This is often my struggle, making the work appropriate for all kids without it being to difficult for Runner, unreadable for Ko-Ko or to simple for S.W.

If your interested the PDF can be downloaded directly from here:
there is of course also a link on my website here:

museums to visit (we are going to try and do all three listed here on a day trip).

Rideau Canal Museum (Smithfalls, Ontario) Guided tour (book in advance)
cost: Adults $4, Senior (60+) $3.50 youth (7 - 18) $2.50
Out door visit Adult $3 senior and youth $2
call 613 284 0505

Lock Master's House Museum (Chaffey's Locks)

Kingston Mills Anglin Lockhouse & Visitor Station (Kingston Mills)
call ahead 613 359 5377

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Day To Myself

Oh it was a wonderful day.
Today I went with friends to the Tyendinega Powwow ... without kids. don't get me wrong. I love taking my kids to powwow. I am looking forward to my vacation with SW The brave next weekend at the Golden Lake Powwow...but sometime a Mom needs a break. A chance to just dance. dance without rushing out of the circle to find the kid you can't see. It often feels like as soon s i have located one child another is gone. At powwows my children are social butterflies each with their own group of friends (SW's and Sunny Not's over lap...but not so at home). they have a lot more freedom at powwows.

So today I danced, sat and drank water, chatted a bit, danced some more. Oh it was relaxing and fun. I wish I could spend more powwows like that, but with kids. My 2 powwow trail buds who travel with our family they do that but they each have one daughter who stays by their side. I would like an in between. It is great that the kids have powwow friends (my friends kids don't)...I just wish they understood the importance of spending some time with family. Ko-Ko and Runner found an in between this year...SW almost did but teenage Sunny Not did not...wasn't interested. When Indy is a bit bigger it will be some easier as there will be no baby chasing...but I will soon have 2 teens to worry about. Ah but some day they will have kids and I can relax and watch them run crazy LOL.

Anyway I had fun. i had fun dancing straight dances. Had fun dancing the Crow Hop. Laughed watching the switch dance (one of the best I have seen). Enjoyed talking to people I haven't seen in a while...all the good things about powwow.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting Ready For School

Yep, September Is coming! This used to mean buy shoes (2 per kid), clothes, bags, pencils etc. Now it is alot more work. Now I am buying books galore (nearly done) and planning lessons and a unit study. I might have been broke before but now we are money poor, book rich and tired! I have two smaller pages done up ( ones we will print again and again). I am also working on a unit study on the Rideau canal and lock system...this would be easier if my eyelids didn't way 40lbs.

OT Indy has become super clingy. I think it's a phase before the next level of independence. It has also produced full sentences from him..."My Mommy come back to me NOW!" (said while I was at work :(

Here is Todays PDF (Writing Reports)*xF2APHx9Hw

And (Fairy Tales)

These are to go with the book we got from Chapters called "Writers Toolbox" by Nancy Loewen, from Picture Window Books.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Ah we are home.
The day was of course filled with unpacking and putting away and laundry. We spent a week so lots of laundry. But I also discovered that my sis in law corrected my internet problem and the school computer now has internet. At some point I will get my laptop repaired to.

About Our Trip.
We went up Sunday August 1st. We camp at Centernial ridges. Not at the top of the trail but at the land beyond the parking lot or the trail. The land there is some of the ceremonial land of the Algonquin People (who were booted out long ago to form the park. The local Algonquins maintain that piece of land (but not without many arguments but that would be another blog). The land includes a beach,open rough camping areas with berry patches, the powwow grounds themselves and the point which includes the Womens ceremonial area. It is absolutely beautiful.
Anyway when we arrived the ministry had locked the gates so we turned back down the highway to Uncles house (as Indians we have lots of types of Uncles but this is one of the kids favorite). We were givin a key for the morning and stayed and made supper for our family and his for the night and crashed after much talking. Auntie had lots to get done for the following powwow weekend some took some instructions on how to help and headed out. We set up camp in our usual spot and setld in for a day of swimming and relaxing. Our week continued like that as more powwow family arrived. A few trips into Uncle and Aunties to run them some errands. We also took a trip to the spruce bog walk and enjoyed the trail I remember best as a child. I wanted to take them to tea lake damn but we had much rain at first and were to busy later on in the year.

The powwow was fantastic. we danced in near perfect weather on Saturday. Our family and friends were all there. My husband and his twin brother manned the kitchen feeding hundreds 3 meals a day. Those helping them in the kitchen were greatly appreciated. Sunday was open powwow as it was totally rained out so lack of tourists (fun for us, bad for powwow costs) but eventually most got themselves out in the rain and got to powwowing. There are those afraid of getting their feathers wet. ??? I know. Ok birds go out in the rain. Yes they preen their feathers after, but we can too...are these people not into the time of looking after their feathers? Or take them off and put them away. Anyway back to the great weekend. I think the rain was good for powwow t-shirt sales...I bought 2....yeah dry clothes.

I could stay for some point perhaps I will. Next year we are going to have a moon lodge built. That was Grandma Claus's idea and I think it's about time.