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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Ina's 2010 Christmas toy review (prices in canadian dollars)
again we are in a very thankful household for the lovely things that have been received. Here is my review on the toys the kids will be playig with this year thanks to the gifts given.
Sunny Not's haul: She received a new phone called the Sony Ericsson Vivaz pro (she was eligible for a full upgrade). The phone takes gorgeous pics, has good music sound. It isn't a smart phone but it does do Internet so you don't buy a data plan but you do buy a reasonably priced internet/msg add on that was $5 more (Rogers) then the unlimited txt add on. So that is cool in my world. Not cool on the Mom front is the constant phone use (yeah yeah I'm a hypocrite).

She received Lady GaGa headphones (Thanks to DH's friend and his free sample pairs). I am not sure of the cost to buy them...let me check... Ok, so to buy them at Best buy they are $79.99, on sale this week for 49,99. WOW :O so glad we got them free! Oh and not as shiny as the commercials. Cool though and she likes 'em. Now are they worth full market price? Well if I paid $79.99 it would be thumb down cuz I would (at the least) want some sparkle.

Also an eyeshadow kit form Shoppers drug mart at only $12! with tons of beautiful colors.

Everything gets two thumbs up. (one down for price on the headphones) Of course if your childs make-up drives you crazy you would probably give the eyeshadow two down, but in Sunny Not's hands it is all good. And the fact that we paid a total of less then $50 on her gifts (yes all together) is several thumbs up for us :)

with S.W.'s stuff: Real teen stuff this time. (they grow up so fast*sigh*). Beanbag chair that when you sit on it, has a back. They call it pear shaped. Way more comfortable then your average beanbag chair. Wouldn't decorate my living room with them but for a kid, in his room it's great. He has hauled it up for board games and is happy with it. However they are over priced in my opinion.

Item number two was a surprise to him (thanks to eBay and me sitting waiting for those last minute deals- $35 , no S&H). We got him an iPod shuffle. He wanted a touch but they are way to much. Anyway he is thrilled with it. Of course it does half of what any other mp3 players of that price range (in store $59.99)would do. Which means the only reason to buy one is the name.

I give both of S.W's gifts two up (they both function perfectly, in the manner they are designed and the child is thrilled) BUT I give both one thumb down on price. I do not think either are worth their full market price (glad I didn't pay that). Of course I knew this when I purchased them.

Ko-Ko got her cake... mini pool table, make-up and a skateboard. The mini pool table I found at shoppers drug mart. I had told her I probably wouldn't find one as these are (in my opinion) usually garbage. This one is well built, a little larger then usual and getting well played with. The wood is actual wood, the wooden cues have some weight to them it was only $20 and built better then most items of that price. Two (surprised) thumbs up. So glad too cuz she really wanted this.

Make-up is make-up. In the hands of this child it is a little goth in make-up preferences; Not thrilled but it isn't hurting anyone, she doesn't do it daily and this one time punk isn't a big enough hypocrite to take issue. So I am grateful the kit was $8. I give no rating to this item. $8 make-up in the hands of a goth chic ten year old, is what it is.

The skateboard came with a cool skate shirt (for girls). I should have looked at the tiny print better cuz it is 30cm. I showed her when it arrived and suggested we find another. She was sure she could still use it. DH (who has never used a skateboard) agreed with her. I suspect that come spring I will be buying a new board when everyone realizes size does matter. Two thumbs down. Whats the point of it? But one up, she likes the shirt and who knows. If spring proves me wrong I will let you all know.

What you got Runner? A Nerf stampede gun. Which takes six D batteries *gasp* however it is insanely fun. 3 thumbs up for fun. However 1 down for the batteries. Really Nerf? You couldn't have made it battery optional? Or use A batteries?

Mouse trap. Also fun. And deserving of 3 thumbs up. Truly a game that has stood the test of time.

Lego. Can you ever go wrong with Lego? Nope. It is my fave kid toy. We usually get building blocks but this year got him a mega blocks halo set, well priced, $18, don't ask me how, it is now priced (same store) at $49.99. It gets 4 thumbs. My kids ages 2-14 all play Lego. Can any other toy claim that?

Indy's toys
: Indy received a playdough set and has played with it several times a day. Another toy you can never go wrong with. Also 4 thumbs high!

Thomas, another classic. This time he has a remote control. Endless fun, sound is driving people nuts (I tune it out or sing along - they're 2, they're 4, they're 6, they're 8. Shunting cars and hauling freight ...) 3 double A batteries still going strong. Easy toddler design remote control with front and back action on an arc. 3 thumbs (maybe an extra for driving certain family a little crazy;)

Plush Diego doll. . He doesn't *do* anything but I think that is good for kids. Simple create your own play kind of toy. They go on adventures, and this kind of play is priceless. And he is cuddly for night time. 3 thumbs up.

The toys of grown-ups
? Dh got the Kobo e-reader (has wifi now) and is thrilled. An added bonus is that he can download for free from the library. The down side is our library doesn't have much of an e-selection yet. He is going to ask his Aunty for her library card number in Toronto. Bet they have a good selection. Nice, comfortable to hold, and good battery life. 4 thumbs up.

So that's all folks. My opinions on the families haul of Christmas goodies. Hope it helps, or is at least entertaining!

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