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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Is Coming

Today the temperature soared. It was down right hot.

I headed out into the heat for FIC (fat Indian club). I was bringing snack which was homemade salsa with tortillas. I used Aunty Claus' Tupperware salsa maker and recipe. It was delicious and perfect on a hot day. and
I lost 4 lbs!!

At home the kids found their own way To cool down

Then they were told to dry up the kitchen floor. We kept cool inside cleaning, making supper and sewing cuz we have central air here in the new house. This is a luxury we are thrilled with :). And a far cry from last year sitting around with our feet in cold pots of water.

Supper was special cuz we had fiddleheads. This is the brief time of year when they are ready to eat.

Then I finished up my night sewing. This ribbon shirt will be sold or raffled.

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Indy's New Powwow Regalia

I worked on Indy's regalia for powwow some more today. All that is left is fringe and elastic (which I need to buy).

We are to work on beadwork etc over the winter months. However when sewing for children that can backfire. So for the kids I do a fair bit of waiting. I did however buy the materials over the winter (except for elastic and fringe).
I also planned it out. I chose green because it is Indy's gave colour. That's my St. Patty's baby's Irish quarter showing I think. I picked the maple leaf design because not only was he born on March 17th, he was born during sweet water time (when the sap runs from the maple trees). He is also named after this time (online we call him Indy as his middle name is Indiana). I think I picked the white to torture myself when it comes to cleaning. All of Runner regalia's have had a fair bit of white also.

You may notice there is no vest. But with the humidity levels in Ontario I forgo the vest until the are old enough to handle the extra layer. This is his first year with leggings (the green shorts). When they are diaper age I skip these for much the same reason. Instead I am left to worry about his ability to keep them, the aprons and side drops clean in a porta potty. This will become the job of whoever is in charge of running him to the bathroom.

Indy likes his new "powwow clothes" very much. However he thought it meant we were off to powwow today (I don't leave things that last minute).

Next is checking mine, Ko-Ko's and Runners regalia for repairs and adjustments. We will be wearing last years again. I had planned a new one for Ko-Ko but I believe she will still fit last years and with the expense of moving into our first (owned) home I decided it could wait.

Sadly I am not making Sunny Not a regalia this year. She did not look after hers last year plus she barely danced. She would bring her regalia then decide not to. I just not putting out the expense under those circumstances. I often wonder if such decisions are harder on the child or the parent.

Ko-Ko is learning to bead. I am thrilled. She is of course mostly going it on her own (and doing well). I hope she will take some time to do some sewing with me though to keep up her skills.

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Almost Ready To Powwow.

Got ribbon shirts sewn today for SW and Indy. I also have the appliqué (mostly) cut for Indy's regalia. Then I jus have final checks to do of last years regalia for those who still fit last years. It is that time of year when I generally done sewing for others and sew for my own and u really do enjoy that.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Beautiful Outside School Day.

It has been beautiful outside. We have a beautiful yard and we are enjoying homeschooling outside.

We finally got started on the music career unit study I made the kids.

After our success with "wandering Wally " in the "All Across Canada" unit I got on currclick ($0.50) we have moved onto Hiking Holly as we move around Hudson Bay. I have created the same kinds if activities as we did with wandering Wally and hoping for the same results.

With our trampoline back up recess is mostly spent there.

Mine and Runner's Mohawk is improving. Ko-Ko struggles and looks just lost.

I am seeing how summer homeschooling may pan out. I will share when it is a fully formed idea.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time To Plant Weekend southern Ontario.

Well if you aren't powwowing, or general camping that non-Indian types do (campsites and cottages I think) then this was the weekend to plant. Ideal would have been the night of the full moon (Tuesday) but Tuesday was busy enough for me.

Since I didn't get to go powwow to Hiawatha powwow :( I planted.

Runner and Ko-Ko went to the garden store with me. Runner picked out some marigolds. (planted by blueberries we also picked out).

Ko-Ko a clematis. She grew these in our old garden downtown.

I got my climbing roses that I have missed since my rose garden when we lived downtown.

I also picked out some decretive grass and sage (for Grandma) but they just had garden sage, not what we would normally pick. We will work on a medicine garden too.

We also picked out a hanging basket for Aunty

And a lilac bush, also a memory from my old garden.

My friend Christina joined us. Age an I went for a second trip when I realized I needed a sturdy trellis in a different location and a proper spade. We listened to White Tail singers sad that we were nit dancing at the powwow but happy to have a nice weekend with family.

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Siblings I Wanted Them To Be

When My kids were young they played together. Ko-Ko and Runner were best friends. They managed to maintain this in kindergarten. I think because they were in it together. (Ko-Ko was in K a year behind her friends do to age and maturity as tiny October baby). Them she went to grade 1 and was taught that her brother was too little. This ended their closeness and she tried to fit in with SW. Since neither of them had many friends this worked somewhat

The following year I started homeschooling as I watched SW and Ko-Ko fall apart in public school.

Over the years of homeschooling I have watched many wonderful changed in them. Best of all I have been watching my kids become friends again.

Last night Ko-Ko and SW went to the movies together with 2 friends from the Native center. they went early to get a good seat for Johnny Depp's new Pirates movie. So I had opportunity to check on them and see these 2 siblings laughing together with shared friends.

When I returned home I checked in cuz SW was having a sleepover (the 2 friends were both boys). I discovered SW, The 2 boys, Runner and Ko-Ko all in sleeping bags on the schoolroom floor talking and watching movies together.

These are the siblings I always wanted them to be.

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby Crow

Today we saw a baby crow on a neighbours lawn. It was in the same vicinity as the dead crow the kids saw a few days ago. We were very concerned. We finished our chore while I phoned a friend at the Native Centre.

I asked what we should do. He told me the best advice would be difficult especially with the kids but that we should let Nature take it's course. I said that made sense but my heart wanted to help. He pointed out that I didn't posada the proper knowledge or time to rehabilitate a baby crow but perhaps I could get a hold of a bird sanctuary.

On the return the bird had moved into the lawn about a foot. We were curious and concerned. I headed to the nieghbour's door. Others saw me and came to tell us that the household there had been putting out food. 5 other crows had been protecting it for a few days but had given up today. They are calling the bird sanctuary.

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Parenting Fails!

On the message board I frequent an amazing Mom of 4 little ones asked this as our Question Of The Day:

QOTD: What has been your most epic parenting "fail" moment thus far?

Here is my answer:

AOTD. I think I have had many...mostly cuz my kids are daredevils. Yes I know where that comes from. Not my husband who is scared of rollercoasters and fair rides. It is my fault (I have bungy jumped over 50 times in my youth). I have discovered my kids giving themselves rides from the ceiling fan (they did it many times before I caught them). I have had to go get my 4 & 6 year old off the roof. I have caught them as they fell off the banister (trying to use it like a balance beam). I have stopes them in the middle of creating a zip line. Found they had built bridges from bunk beds to dressers. Seen YDD use the top of the swings at the park like a bar at gymnastics...I decided to just wait below and hope I could catch her...she was fine and later climes down a swing. I have learned not to freak about these kinds of things unless they will wreck the house. (in hopes of reducing my anxiety). But despite all this my worst parenting moments are knowing that I am responsible for my kids potty mouths...but it is really hard not to gasp in horror and swear when you see your kids doing this crazy stuff.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Took Indy to playgroup today at the Native centre. All my other kids did this from a young age.

Indy was excited to go. He rushed getting ready and asked me to do his hair (instead of running from the hair brush). Here is a pic of him ready 30 min before everyone else.

When we got there I discovered that it wasn't like when the others were young. The group is about parents actively playing with their kids. I get that some parents need this. But some of us do this anyway.

I wanted a group that encourages the kids to play and interact with each other.

If they don't offer what I am looking for I may create what I want. Maybe organize one in our homeschool group.

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Full Moon Ceremony...

...In The New House

The last few months we had our Full Moon at our d house (thanks to the new tenants). Moving our ceremony to the new house was a big deal. As I mentioned in a previous post we can be fined for having our ceremonies in city limits due to the small sacred fires.

Well after much discussion we decided to have our circle where we first thought would be good (isn't that always the way?) Then I spent a long time planing. As trees bloomed it became obvious that there was some natural cover. The only difficulty being that we couldn't use the eastern door as it is a rocky flower bed. We are using the North-East.

DH finally cut wood for me. So today I got the area ready. I built to lattice trellis'. In a week or two I will buy some climbing roses for them. On the bottom
inside of each trellis lashed some smaller denser ones from the dollar store. When all was done j was thrilled. It looks beautiful, like a room where f the walls as well as the ceiling are built by nature. Between now and next month I will add the roses as well as colored ties for each direction. I may add a 3rd trellis behind the bench my future plans are a higher side table to ace the medicines on. These are often on a blanket on the ground but Grandma Claus needs them where she can reach from her wheelchair. I may also look into a box for the wood (instead of moving it in and out of the garage) and a patio stone walkway to get Grandma Claus more easily to the circle. This will also make it easier for some of the Grandma's who come in their walkers. There are two bushes on the north corners and in the southern corner is a tree that hangs over the area like a roof.

It was a small circle. We have be told it will rIn all month including today. It was a beautiful night. But since we got through our first ceremony in the new place without having the pics called to disturb us , our community will feel more at ease. It has a huge impact as the thought is very distressing for some. My decorations and planned gardening paid off though there is only one spot where flame was (a little) visible. I am excited for next month. It's lime we made this new a place home tonight. Now j am off to sleep. And j get to do it with the smell of an outdoor fire in my hair.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Provinces and Capitols

SW and Ko-Ko have some sort of geography brain block. OK so perhaps they won't make maps for a living. However a basic knowledge of the country you live in is required. You would think think that since they do well in geology that they would do well on geography, but no. They may be able to tell you the difference between how the Appalachian and the Rockies were formed, just don't ask them where they are.

So we have been working on correcting this. Sometimes simple is best. Well this week (for just 50 cents) I found "All Around Canada" on currclick. I ordered and downloaded it! There are three cute, simple stories about characters traveling the different areas of Canada.

I then made some worksheets to correspond to the stories.

Here is my plan:
Week 1, Wandering Wally -western Canada.
Day 1 read story do cut and paste work sheets (really simple, especially at my kids Grades but I want it to be easy and quick).
Day 2 read story. Go on computer and get pictures of the sights...kind of like a virtual trip with a virtual camera. Print pics.
Day 3. Read story. Map quest the journey from
Capitol to Capitol. Print, and draw onto a map of Canada.
Day 4. Read story. Choose the thing you would most want to do if on Wandering Wally's journey, read about it, and share with the rest of us.

Week 2&3: same thing but with the other stories.

At first I was working on much more academic work that one would expect to find at their grade levels. But then it occurred to me (which hasn't occurred to me in all this time we have spent on this subject.) My main goal for these two: knowing the provinces and capitols. Why does it need to be hard based on age? Well it doesn't. And when they do know the basics the rest will fall into place, like knowing where the mountains are.

I will post their progress at the end of the week.
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Sunday, May 15, 2011


When my kids were little I took them to playgroup. This was not always easy. When I had Sunny Not I was in my early 20's and looked like I was 15. Needless to say the other Moms were not so welcoming. I did however become sympathetic towards teen Moms. After all supper from other Moms is something that is very emotionally helpful as Mom.
Then I discovered the Native centre and started attending their playgroup. The Moms were very welcoming. They ranged in age and I wasn't the only one who looked years younger then I was. I made some great lifelong friends, my kids made lifelong friends. Us moms had more babies together it was a great time in our lives.

Then the kids got older, us Moms got older and our playgroup years were done.

Then I had Indy and started homeschooling. He is 3 and has not been to playgroup. I feel awful about it but I keep not going because it would mean another day out of the house, away from school work. And having taken on 2 committees at the Native Centre cuz of political struggles (typical, there is money to expand and people show up and cause types of course). And now I am looking at meetings once or twice a week.

This has to mean some changes. For one I will need more independent work that kids can take with them, and some they can do while staying at home. If I do playgroup on the same day as healthy living I will bring all the kids with me. And on meeting days we will have to get started earlier... It feels like I keep saying that. Why is it so hard to return to an old schedule of starting our days earlier? This will be the key I need to figure out.

As for today I need to go to work, cutting into my school prep Time as I have a day shift back to back with an on-call night shift. And the non-stop rain means we will be busy.

Enjoy your weekend all!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday in Toronto

It was a great, packed day!

We started out at the CN tower as it was a much anticipated part of the day.

--Runner looking out at CN tower-
We took the basic trip up the elevator. Once up (it travels a 22km an hour) we walked around the indoor observation deck, nearly got blown away on the outdoor observation deck and stood on the glass floor looking down.

-------going up the elevator--------

-------looking out at city below-----

----city/airport from outdoor deck-

----------on the glass floor-------
Runner bought a CN tower glitter lamp and 3D puzzle. I got Indy a (regular) puzzle.

Next we went to Union station and got transit day passes for my Sis and I and kids tickets for the kids. And then we took the subway up to the Eaton's center.

---------SW in Union Station-------

----------boys on subway----------
when we got out and came up to street level we saw a huge crowd. We went to take a look and discovered that Dairy Queen had created a gigantic cake. We did not stay in line for cake (it would have taken much of our day).

----------giant DQ cake------------
Then we went to the Eaton's centre. I remember the Eaton's centre (from my kid memories)
as having way cooler stores then we had at home. However it was much the same sort of thing as we have at home. But it was so much bigger of course. We had lunch in the food court and looked around the "path" a little. Then we took a streetcar down Queen street to Spadina.

---------Ko-Ko on streetcar---------
Once there we looked around the shops in Chinatown. There was deals galore. Markets of food and herbs. Stores with toys in boxes with Chinese writing. SW found some great shoes for only $35!

We went to Kensington Market where Ko-Ko loved the clothes (I knew she would) she got a skirt (I will have to add elastic to the waist)

-----------Ko-Ko's skirt-----------
Then (with sore feet) we stopped for some DQ in the Dragon Mall (still in Chinatown)

---------Runner's DQ --------------
We took streetcar and subway back down to Union Station. Unloaded our bags into the car and grabbed some hoodies and fresh socks. We were going against the flow as there was a steady stream of suit heading to Union station to catch go-trains home.

------------flow of suits-------------
Then we went to East side Marios for dinner. Ko-Ko and Runner ate for $2. We enjoyed our meal slowly with some good conversation.

-----My Sis and Ko-Ko at dinner--

---------me at dinner--------------
Then we headed back down by the CN tower, past skydome to Roundhouse park for our play. We saw many scalpers on the way. Once there we took pics of the roundhouse and trains for Indy.

We saw a playground and headed over. Ko-Ko and Runner burned off some energy. SW, my sis and I didn't have any.

Then we headed into the play. We saw the Railway Children. It was wonderful. We lived it. The staging was brilliant. And most amazing if all. A train (yes a real one) came in and out of the theatre.

We headed back to the car. Enjoyed the view of the CN tower from its base at night.

Then we got in the car (and saw a policeman director traffic,

and headed to a hotel in Whitby (more points) for the night. It wa a great trip.

Read about our first night in Toronto Click Here
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Arriving in Toronto.

We are on our spring break this week. We will school lightly. When my sis and I planned this trip it was full of educational to do's. Museums, science center, Queen' park (Provincial parliament). But then my sister and I realized that we would spend much of our trip inside not seeing Toronto.

So we are Here to see a city and that is educational as well I believe.

We arrived today. Driving down the 401 on North America's widest and busiest section o highway. The pic here shows the 12 lanes as best as I could.

The kids spotted the CN tower edited we even reached the DVP. I tried continuously to get a pic of it a that point and eventually (on the DVP) I did.

We are staying at the Intercontinental Toronto Centre. Between the 5 of us we have 2 rooms at a cost of $0!!! My sis has been saving isn't she. We also have a view the kids would die for

CN tower from our room in the day...

From the kids room at night.

The roundhouse an roundhouse theatre where we will see a play tomorrow.

And the sky dome..yep this view was free!
Then we went for a swim. The pool was lovely and had salt water instead of chlorine which was so nice.

Next we headed to the movies and saw Thor in AVX. No that is some way to see a movie. My sis and I used our passes and cineplex cards and scene points...again we kept it nearly free. On the way back to the hotel we walked by some movie trailers.

It was a great first day. Tomorrow w are off to adventure around the city.

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