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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Crafts, baking and of course snow! (also lots of great links)

It's Top Ten Tuesday and my list is all about snowmen! Also I am counting down to #1 this week.

#10 Snowman poop. This adorable stocking stuffer involves a sandwich bag, mini marshmallows and this free down-loadable tag for the top of the bag. I think it is cute and am putting it in my sister in law's stocking this year (we draw names). I got the idea here, with the free printable I also blogged the one I made with my sis in law's other stocking stuffers here.

#9 snowman doughnuts. These are adorable. I came across them on the internet one day and bookmarked them. Simple to assemble, do baking need, just a trip to the grocery store. Check out Skip to my lou's blog for the doughnuts and other neat Christmas things.

#8 Snowman glass ornament. Add some snowman to your tree for #8 found here with instructions


#7 Snowman felt ornament. Seen on my blog here as made by my eldest Sunny Not. Both crafts look easy to make, I know the felt one is since it is Sunny Not's first time sewing on her own.

#6 Snowman soup balls. Snowman soup is a wonderful crafty way to gift some hot chocolate. It has been around for a while. This year I added a twist with the ones we made. We made put ours in clear plastic Christmas balls. Check out the blog post we did this on.

#7 Snowman Chocolate bars. Just found these today and so excited to go buy some chocolate bars and decorate them up. I am especially happy because Sunny not who was to spend Christmas with her Dad has declared she isn't going, she will see him on Christmas eve. Now I have another stocking to put together, one with out candy-canes or anything peppermint flavored. These will be a lifesaver. Find the free printable here at Laurie Furnell – art that will make you smile, the crafty lady who had this brilliant idea.

#8 Melting Snowman Cookies. Saw these today over at Creative Bubbles. The pic I included is hers, I think she did a wonderful job. She found them elsewhere, but they are all over the internet. Go to google images here and pick your favorite...guess whats happening to my sugar cookies this year?

#9 Snowman Kit. I found this idea earlier this year also from creative bubbles who found it at Make It Do.. I made them for my nieces for their Christmas present. I think they are adorable. They can be made by anyone (with light supervision) and they will save you from finding your hat on the snowman in your yard, when YOU need it. Also it will really help with


#1 Make A Snowman. That's right get outside, bundled in snow-pants, hats and mitts. Grab your snowman kit, and get out side and make a snowman. It is great fun and the best snowman of all.

And if your in Japan for the Sapporo Snow Festival you can take part in the snowman competition where everyone works together to make the most snowmen in one place! Read about that here.

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