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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Computer troubles again. Sunny Not committed the big no-no in our house and played mini clip games. I think they carry a whack load of viruses. I hold them responsible for crashing 2 computers. My Mom and Grandma Claus feel the same way, as do their computer guys. My moms lending me her laptop tonight until her computer guy fixes my computer. I create my kids school work on my computer. Luckily the stuff I reuse regularly is on my website and saved as PDF in Today I post to you from the blogger gadget from igoogle on my iPhone. Hope I can add pics later. I was going to post this yesterday but didn't get to it. I also have pics to add to this post from my Moms laptop later.
So yesterday was apparently coffee day. So at lunch time I made the kids a coffee and chocolate chip coffee cake. I found a chocolate chip coffee cake recipe on (if your interested just search that there). The change I made was cutting the sour cream in half and adding 1 cup of black coffee. Turned out great. I also learned why licking the beater is so important. I forgot the sugar, but cuz I licked the beaters before pouring the batter I know that something was wrong and quickly figured out it was lick your beaters when baking
We finally started our chicken mommy, I will post the directions we are using later. I also got some nice school shots of the kids yesterday.
Runner did homeschool karate on Monday and made up an excuse why he didn't want to go back. Yesterday we had a good talk and I got the real reason. All the Moms had raved about this sensi but Runner had other things to say. First all the kids were either new or from that dojo except Runner who was from a different dojo. Allthe kids were either first or second level white belt except Runner but his dojo marked the second stripe (second level white) a little different. Anyway apparently the sensi said thing like "so your just starting, "looks like you haven't been doing this long" etc and Runner who worked hard all year last year is very proud of his progress and felt belittled by it. He wants to go back to his old dojo. I told DH he wants to go back and that will mean rushing from dh's work to the dojo to my work and on Wednesday that will include picking Runner up from drum group, which is thankfully near dh's work. I am proud of how hard he works at his karate and want to keep him in it. And all though we will have a 6pm rush at least all the driving happens at once and being a small city it won't take very long, thirty minutes probably. Considering how much running some families do I can handle that. If Sumny Not is convinced to join that could mean them busing it and no rush.
So pics later gotta run and get school going

Monday, September 27, 2010


we have been studying Egypt. Of course the kids are most fascinated by the pyramids and mommies. I am including more then just pyramids and mummies, but including a lot of what they are interested in too. While at it we took a few days to compare pyramids & mummies with other pyramids and mummies around the world. They were of course thrilled with the Native ones. They have learned about Anubis and about some of the funerary practices. They made the four Canopic jars with the heads of the four sons of Horus. Well there is three of them that made jars, so I made one too. Indy just ran around making a mess with the clay, but totally feeling included. we will be doing the mummy chicken that I first read about here on Educating Casia From there I researched it some more, and was totally sold. We start tomorrow. I am so thankful I read about it because it really got my kids into the subject of Egypt.


It was a one day powwow, and it was our last till next spring. The Powwow had some special moments for me.

Indy who has been unwilling to go into the powwow circle until last month at Silver Lake, was excited to put o his dance regalia (he calls them Powwow clothes),and went in the circle many times until he happily took a rest in his stroller for a nap, after which he was back in.

SW spent the day with the Drum from the Native Friendship Center. The drum is really coming along and the boys love it. Runner spent some time at the drum, some time dancing and some time catching up with his life long (as in from the womb) best bud. But my favorite was during the Womens Tradish exhibition (that's my category) my boys were drumming and singing. I could barely take my eyes of them as I danced, I was one proud Momma.

Ko-Ko tried something new. The new Native cadets were at the powwow (the military college RMC is one of the local colleges) and they were called up an asked to try out a smoke dance, after all this is Mohawk territory. Sadly my kids haven't learned smoke dance. Probably because I don't know it being Lakota and all and I am the one who taught them dancing. Anyway her and some friends went out and gave it a try. I got the tail end of it recorded. It was the first time I recorded on my iphone so the beginning, I wasn't recording but I thought I was, eventually I realized otherwise. Indy is the toddler in blue in the foreground at the beginning of the video. And beyond him is Ko-Ko in red with her pals. One in a pink sweater and blue skirt (it was a chilly day) and one in a white top and gold skirt...lets hope I can get this video on here).

The children were well behaved and made me proud. Sadly Sunny Not had been planning a trip since June that was the same weekend. But in June we thought this powwow was going to be the previous week. Oh and when it looks like everyone is done dancing and just walking around the circle, keep watching, they aren't done yet.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


We had a very eclectic day today. We caught up on things not done due to appointments this week, and we covered the remaining subjects through games. we played some professor noggin games (trivia). Camouflage, which is a strategy game. It is only competitive against yourself, we play it as a group. And we played 21 (as in the poker game) It is a refresher for my kids since they can add. I played it with them when they were young, as my Grandma did with me. We also made an Oreo cake. This was to be for the ceremony tonight by Grandma Claus and DH are not feeling well so we had to cancel. I still to tobacco out to give thanks. It was a quiet evening. The Moon she was as beautiful as ever, and I missed the companionship of the Women gathering this month. next month. Everyone will be on their feet.

Ko-Ko had gymnastics tonight. She really is very good at it, an is so happy. She has become very social in the class as well. I ws trying to get her in an earlier class but if she is doing well maybe I shouldn't rock the boat. Her friend "C" from the other side of the park was playing with her today. We are waiting to see of she can come to Ko-Ko's party. She isn't allowed in our house and it drives me nuts. Mostly because I do not know why, but it really makes me feel judges, especially since they are much much wealthier then we are. Maybe itis better not to know.

Tomorrow I think we will do our Canopic jars. We also need to get ready for our final powwow of the year and tomorrow is swimming, after which I have work. It will be a busy next three days.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It was a hectic day. It seems our science days are like that. I scheduled and never wrote in my phone what I had on today, not just one thing, but three things. Plus I had extra chores...not done.

So tomorrow I am wondering how it will all get done. So we will have a make up day. Get done today's chores and school work.

We got about half, of our work done, our science experiment didn't work but I think it is because it was an outside experiment that we moved so that the neighborhood kids wouldn't wreck it, so it didn't happen in an ideal location, although Ko-Ko's shows a little of what would have happened if in the proper location. I think weather played a part to so I may see if I can recreate it inside. But that is the thing about science, there are so many variables. Something we will discuss tomorrow.

Then we went to the Native center to fill out forms...I hate form time of year, especially when I don't get to do all the programs in one I have another day of forms. *sigh* The boys stayed at the center. The children's program co-coordinator had made arrangements for them to stay and be watched by her helpers until the children's drum group started, about 45 min after I'd be done. But I was supposed to be downtown signing papers for Sunny Not to get her eyebrow pierced...15 min before I'd be done. So since one of the helpers is a friend and the coordinator was unable to make it to work today she said we would each take a form, do them together and then her husband would drive me to meet Sunny Not. This worked perfect except she didn't know about drumming, and watching Runner & SW, but was cool with doing so.

So I made it to sign the papers for Sunny Not's piercing . Ko-Ko was thrilled to watch. The boys wanted to do both but instead I sent pics from my phone to SW's. Sunny Not had her sister and a friend in the room with her. I sat in the waiting area with Indy who liked the pics of replicated Egyptian art. I agreed that they were nice and how his siblings were learning it in school to which he replied "In my school too". I quickly agreed and smiled inside and out. Then he wanted to look at the door and saw Sunny Not. He was interested too. His comment to her was "you crazy". The boys loved the picture texts but decided it looked painful and why would she want to do that. After that we headed up to the bus transfer point, went to Loblaws and picked up some precooked supper. Walked home, ate and headed to the highschool for Sunny Not's parent teacher night. Luckily DH got home and Aunty was home, so Indy stayed behind. I got there and looked at the PTA, and thought "ah, NO!". Was astounded by the fact that they had us there with a schedule! that made the event 2 hours. When I was a kid my parents went room to room at their speed. Looked at the class and asked the teacher some questions. We went to the class in a group, the teacher talked, one or to questions were asked before the BELL RANG to move us along. I told her that her Dad could do the next one or I could pull her out...PLEASE! Nope, she doesn't want that. UGH, me and the school system butted heads for way to many years, and my most hated teacher is the head of the phys ed department. SO HERE IS THE SHOCKING PART. They no longer get to take books home from school. We pay for the books, but they stay in the class. How do they study. I wondered this each time, I got to ask it twice. One teacher has everything ready to download from his site. OK, but what about their notes?...he will figure it out. The other guy told me they would study in class. So if you have trouble on one thing, but get the rest, you had better get it in the class review. I thought it was bad enough that schools determine how long it takes you to understand a subject, but now you must study in a pre-set time. I was not the only parent to think this was a stupid idea. Apparently it is because kids don't always bring their books and homework back. One parent pointed out that , sometimes that happened when we were kids, but since kids got punished for it we learned to just bring it back...seriously they really are trying to make a useless generation. Oh how I wish I homeschooled her too. But I can't.

I finally got home a little after 9. Found out it was Men's drum night, listed right on the kids coordinator calendar...2 hours later then the boys drum group. Luckily they were welcomed in.

Now i should go to bed because I have to prepare our dance clothes for our last powwow on Saturday, clean the house and tidy the yard for tomorrows full moon ceremony, which I also need to bake for AND catch up on today's school work. Yep long day tomorrow and I will need to keep on schedule for this one.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ALL IN ONE DAY...and my dilemma.

along the side I will have some pics highlighting our summer since today was the last day.

First of all I needed more sleep but after arguing and then making up with Grandma and Aunty Claus yesterday I stayed up till 4 am comparing phone apps with Grandma Claus. She also really love the Chicken Broccoli Braid I made (recipe from All Recipes website). So when I got up all I really wanted to do was sleep.

For school today we took it easy. Not because I was exhausted, but because I had planned for our morning to be spent watching documentaries I had recorded on Egypt, particularly Mummies and Pyramids. I fell asleep during the second one. It was short lived. We also had ice cream since it is the last day of summer
Runner was back to the dentist today (the real reason we took it easy today). He has one trip left. My friend Marie took us. SW stayed home with Ko-Ko and Indy. The dentist was impressed with how well he did. He really does stay totally calm.

When we got home SW had some chocolate chip pancakes waiting for us for a late lunch. After a clean up and some computer time while I tried in vain to contact the gym about out gymnastics field trip the kids all went outside to play. I napped for real cuz I was so tired. I used to always stay up till four but lately it seems that 2am is my limit.

I woke up for a bit,checked on them and saw that all the kids on the cul de sac were playing with nerf guns and foam swords (for those with out nerf guns). Now this should be a good sight to see the whole neighborhood playing without fighting for several hours. I was a tad annoyed, laid down and hummed and hawed about it. then at supper I told my kids off.

Now you are all wondering WHY?

OK, my kids are not allowed to play with kids from 2 of the households. The bad part for SW is that these are the two households with kids aged 10 - 13. But my problem is that my kids will get along with them for a bit, then they fight, then the other kids through a bunch of racist terms about (including real bad ones like squaw). It isn't pretty. Plus there are usually threats about calling children's services cuz we are poor useless Indians etc. Like I said it isn't pretty. So I said "No More" I don't get why they go back to palying with them. To me it shows a total lack of respect for ones self, family and people. And that upsets me very much. They all want to play again on Thursday (but I think we are expecting thunderstorms). I feel bad cuz they liked playing with everyone but I want my kids to stand up for themselves too. *sigh* I don't know what to do, I think I need the rest of the families insight.

The rest of the day included super, some tv and video games and bed time...all with me thinking about the dilemma of letting my kids play with the racist kids on the street and their two followers, or not. Oh and I made some calls about upcoming birthdays in our house and a plan for Ko-Ko's big turning 10 on 10/10/10. She now wants Halloween cakes. I haven't come up with any good cakes related to her super cool day but would love suggestions.

Monday, September 20, 2010


So I had a rough day. I was a bit of an emotional train wreck. But I had some insight. One of the kids said something to me (I don't remember who or what) and after thinking about it on and off over the day I realized that in this adjustment back into our school routine that there were a few thing I had forgotten too. Discussions are very important but with a few visual learners (Runner and I), a kinetic learner (Ko-Ko) and a complete audio learner(SW) our discussions used to include pictures, drawn on the white board, a bit more hands-on stuff and the talking. No wonder our days have been more difficult for Ko-Ko and somewhat for Runner...and for me. I struggle without being able to draw pictures. So I'm ready to get back on track! Time to break out my markers...the ones the kids haven't already lost lids too.

Yesterday we went to the fall fair. The kids had a blast. We went without DH, who is running out of excuses for not going on rides. My kids love rides and are not scared of a single one...almost. We don't like Farris Wheels (except Runner). Otherwise spin them, drop them and whirl them upside down...we love it. Ok, SW is not a fan of some upside downs, it depends. Anyway Indy went on his first rides. He went on a slide that you had to climb through and up and all kids of things to get through. I went with him. Ko-Ko was going to but they said it had to be me. He loved it. Ko-Ko also took him on some boats that when around in a circle. He seemed uncertain. We were going to take him on the tilt a whirl but he flat out refused so we went in pairs. Runner was big enough for the polar express but not Ko-Ko. He chose it to repeat for his final ride. Ko-Ko and SW went back to the tilt a whirl and ran into a friend in line so joined her. The tilt a whirl would have been my choice to repeat as well cuz we all laugh so hard on that one but Runner wanted to go on the one that was new too him. Second year with no gravitron much to all our disappointment. Sunny Not was at her Dad's which is too bad, it would have been fun to have her there too.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Ko-Ko and Indy were playing at the park. I went with them. The boys were cleaning thier room and Sunny Not was up to her own thing.

They played on the swings and climbers. Ko-Ko uses both to practice gymnastics. This week she was working on skills for the bars. Then Indy decided to play in the sand. He calls it "the park beach". Ko-Ko joined him. They built a simple sand castle. Ko-Ko following Indy's lead rather then taking over. I was happy to see this cuz some of the childewn use the taking over method when playing with Indy.

I told Ko-Ko he really likes playing with her and being with her. She said she likes being with him too and likes that he looks like her. Anyone who knows our family thinks he looks like his brothers because their looks at this age are identical. The only way to tell who is who in the pictures is their weight (or the other kids in the pics). But today when I was looking at the pics I realized what she meant. Indy has pale skin like her. What some call a Wonder Bread Indian (looks white with the wholesome goodness of brown). Something I learned to laugh about as I got older. But I know it's not easy. I hope they learn to laugh about it and let it go. I hope it doesn't define them. Just the same I understand wanting to look like the rest of the family. I hope she realizes she does. They all have similar faces.

The other big thing is that they all grew. Ko-Ko grew into a new a pant size which was exciting for her. We went off to Giant Tiger and found three pairs that she loves. We have to do laundry every day so three pairs is enough. At this point in writing I though 'oh a pic of all 5 standing together tallest to smallest.' Indy wouldn't come stand still (not a toddler skill) and Sunny Not apparently is out with friends. *sigh* so the middle three.
SIDE NOTE: Ko-KO's hair isn't really blond, she dyed it. It's the same colour as Runners.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I though I'd talk about Indy a little.

Indy is 2 1/2. He is my little nursing toddler. He will tell you he is big, a big nursing boy. He is somewhat worried that being big means not nursing...and eventually it does, but not yet.

He loves to talk about the world around him, making his observations. Unfortunately people don't always listen as the bigger people get wrapped up in their life. I fell bad for him when I have to tell people that he is talking to them.

His name isn't really Indy, although Indiana is his middle name and some relatives call him Indy. His first name is a Mohawk name and means sweet water (the sap from the Maple Tree). He was born when the sap runs ans he is as sweet a treat.

He looks up to Ko-Ko. My daughter who has ADD and who has more patience for little Indy then for anyone or anything in the world. He calls her "My Ko-Ko". He loves trucks and Thomas trains. Owls and dogs. He loves Diego, Elmo and Ko-Ko's much loved doll Autumn who was once my favorite. Ko-Ko was much harder on Autumn. He also likes to have "knits" which is a blanket, but doesn't sound so great when he says in public "I have some knits" Indy likes to sit on chairs with his two Elmos and Autumn. The Boys (Runner & S.W.) are often mortified when Indy wants them all to take either an Elmo or Autumn to the park. Ko-Ko straps them all together in the stroller or him.

We often take the bus on field trips and get togethers and such. Indy wants to have a bus pass just like we all do. We keep an empty one for him. In one of the pics he is chewing on the bus pass waiting for us all to be ready to go this morning.

Cooking and baking is also a favorite pass time and he likes to sit up on the counter and help. Always trying his best to participate. I made up little worksheets for him and got him some Kumon books for 2 yr olds. he like to do those with me, especially going outside to colour in the weather. he points out things and then colours (scribbles) the entire page. I don't know or care what he has learned as long as he has learned that I have time for him too.


My favorite poet since high school is William Blake. I love his poems and how he creates them within art work...he is also my favorite artist. Thought I'd share one of his poems called the School Boy from Poems Of Experience.


I love to rise in a summer morn,
When the birds sing on every tree;
The distant huntsman winds his horn,
And the skylark sings with me:
O what sweet company!

But to go to school in a summer morn, -
O it drives all joy away!
Under a cruel eye outworn,
The little ones spend the day
In sighing and dismay.

Ah then at times I drooping sit,
And spend many an anxious hour;
Nor in my book can I take delight,
Nor sit in learning's bower,
Worn through with the dreary shower.

How can the bird that is born for joy
Sit in a cage and sing?
How can a child, when fears annoy,
But droop his tender wing,
And forget his youthful spring!

O father and mother if buds are nipped,
And blossoms blown away;
And if the tender plants are stripped
Of their joy in the springing day,
By sorrow and care's dismay, -

How shall the summer arise in joy,
Or the summer fruits appear?
Or how shall we gather what griefs destroy,
Or bless the mellowing year,
When the blasts of winter appear?

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Yep I am using the strong word HATE! (BTW, need suggestions on new math program)
My kids generally like math and do well in it. Last year I used Complete Canadian Curriculum. It worked for us year 1 and part of year 2. Then we moved away from boxed curiculum because it was to much like school at home and I was now confident enough to go it on my own...except I still used the math from CCC. So this year I bought Math Smart. Same company but just the one subject. And oh How I hate it. It has put each child in tears, and taken me a few minutes to figure out what it is they are looking for the child to do. Not because I struggles in math, I didn't. I'm good with math (don't like geometry but that's just one aspect of math). So if the book is un clear to me about what it wants, light on explanation and leaves the child frustrated and sometimes crying over a once liked good. Need a new math book. And I'd love suggestions. We are more into a math program that does some of this and then some of that rather then a mastery program...unless you change my mind.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Woo Hoo...a good day.

The start of the school year can be a tough adjustment after a summer with no schedule. A lot of people ease into it. Nope i tried jumping in with both feet. And why not, it worked previous years.

There were some changes though, including a fuller work load. They are getting older, and with a few years under our belts I think we are ready to add a few more academics. So I made a schedule and we struggled to finish, first week issues.

Then I thought I'd like to try a later starter...massive fail! So I tried a new schedule, same massive fail. So I made another schedule and went back to a 9 am start. We had a great day! And we got everything done. Woo Hoo! I feel like we are back on track. Had our day done by 1:30 and an afternoon of play!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


A Daily self assessment for my kids.
I have it here at my website with other stuff(links to acrobat)
or here on acrobat


It is good to look at back at the first week. What worked, what didn't. ALSO at the bottom a bit about Runners birthday party!

MATH: We need some review. I found some worksheets on-line here & here I used some from both. I really liked the first ones from Nelson and I will look into it more as their "try it" sheets are so explanatory. My text books for math "Math Smart" is rigorous and packed but light on explanation. I may need to keep looking on line for intros into each topic

HISTORY: we are starting our first lapbook while we learn about Egypt. After reviewing how it's going I am happy with it but think I need to add a weekly trip to the library to add more living books to the subject as well as a book or two on Egypt today. Being Native I know it is frustrating when people (Adults not just kids) are shocked to meet "a real live Indian", as though we ceased to exist after the 19th century. I suspect it may be similar for Egyptians.

L.A.: I have truthfully struggled to get this in each day, but when we settle a bit more I will put in more effort or adjust my "schedule" of sorts. Working on some aspects of it, but others still nee to be fit in.

GEOLOGY AND SCIENCE: good as ever.

SOCIAL STUDIES: The kids seemed to enjoy the one from their text books last year. I think I will give it more time. I have some great living books for this subject area that we will be getting into. I also have quiz games for this.

ARTS: We do art in some subjects. The kids drum and sing traditionally & for PE we are getting a YMCA membership, we are out walking regularly, playing, and Friday swimming with the Native center.

Was a success. We had strawberry cake (which meant separate cake for Indy who is allergic). It was a Treasure chest cake (pictured above). He also had pop, chips and bannock dogs. Bannock dogs are hot dogs wrapped in a fry bread dough ( fairly basic dough) that is then deep fried. We put a strip of cheese and line of BBQ sauce inside when wrapping it in the dough. This is one or Runners favorites and we all enjoy it. I learned long ago that children just like to play. So parties go: free play, eat and gifts, free play. When they are younger gifts are last because little ones want their gift played with and parts and things get lost before the birthday child has a chance to explore the gift. Runner is past this stage. They played at the park, on the trampoline and on the wii....mostly they were outside. I used to plan activities and crafts and such. It was a lot of work and we always ran out of time. I have to admit a few were worth it. OK the only good ones were from Ko-Ko's parties but since whe always had Halowe'en themes it was easy to find ideas and think them up. My favorites were:
  1. painting pumpkins with glow in the dark paint.
  2. decorating cloth trick or treat bags (I made the bag ahead of time) we also used glow in the dark paint (it was the same year) and the parents liked that the kids had bags that made them easy to spot at night.
  3. carving pumpkins (8 yrs old). This was great and only one girl was grossed out by the slime. We roasted the seeds and sent everyone home with some. But like I said it took work.
I may bring two of these back because I think they will be interesting with older children...but back to Runner. Boys like to play and run and wrestle and get dirty and play video games and be loud. Let them. Once you ALLOW this behavior it isn't stressful and they are happy and worn out when it is over. After Runner and I went to see "The Other Guys". Funy. Humour is rathr adult but some that the kids will get too. Unfortunately Runner got a tooth ache and h\we left early. we will try again another time.
Disclaimer to those thinking "she said it was a good movie, I'll take my 8 yr old" I want you to know that we all allow different things and I did take my kids to see "Kick Ass" so if you are strict about guidelines, ratings and such, go see "Nanny McFee", also remember I live in Canada, where the guidelines are not as strict. What is rated 18A here, is often an R in the USA.

Friday, September 10, 2010


The kids program at the Native center got back the Friday swim at a local upscale hotel with an indoor water park. YEAH. But this is runners story because he finally took the big plunge down the water slide which sometimes involve his head going under water.


I went swimming. I went down the slide. Hip Hip Hooray! We went to the Ambassador walking. It took about 50 minutes. Along the way we saw our friend Kaylee on her scooter, lots of banana pokes and 2 ducks. We were the first people there. Some of the times I hogged the water slide. It was fun. I kept stopping and putting out my hands. Eventually Willow came (Willow is the program coordinator). I tried to touch in the five foot deep part of the pool. I was not able to touch. I went in the hot tub (several times) but I got out each time cuz it was too hot.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Why Have Reccess
I have the kids take recess outside each day between classes They think I am being nice, or that I want them out of my hair for a few minutes. Today (our second day of classes, but I'll get to that later) Ko-Ko wanted to have her computer time at recess. I said "No, you need to spend it outside actively playing. So after 20 minutes I went to call them in. Can't see them. The boy next to us is in Sr.K and Runner plays with him and his 7 yr old brother. Indy likes to join Runner there cuz he thinks the kid is the greatest kid ever. He is a nice kid. So I check there and I find all the kids inside playing video games. I hauled them out and explained that the point of recess s active outside play. I am willing to negotiate the outside part based on weather. "It's cold" says Ko-Ko. Yeah, I bet it was in a tank top and shorts. I sent her to change and sent them back out for 10 more minutes. I later explained that activity and fresh air wakes your brain back up, that's why recess is important. I have read online on parenting forums about schools cutting back recess. about kindy kids not getting any so that they are not exposed to tougher older kids. This is a shame. Highschool kids are "to old' which is awful At that level of work, with university acceptance riding on performance, an awake brain is vital. Another reason to homeschool.

Back To School (on the living room couch)
School got back under way in our house. Not a fantastic start and not a bad one. There is a reason schools sped time in review. They are establishing a routine before learning is started.
And we need to re-establish the routine also. Runner is a procrastinator and moves at the speed of dark.(think opposite of the speed of light) Day one I kept yelling at him to start working. Day two (today) I said much less. Just a reminder that work will be done before bed if he procrastinates, then he will be working much later then the other kids...which would not make for a good birthday (which I will also get to later). Ko-Ko is working well, but has moments of wanting me to spoon feed her. Okaga does well and is fairly independent. However if he is unsure, he tries having a meltdown. Since I take a hard line on all these behaviors I expect they will be short lived and the kids will move back in to work mode. I think we are currently in "test my limits" mode. At this point in the game I know there is a settling in period and I chose not to worry about it as it will not last. I also know I could avoid this by schooling year round. But I choose not to. For one thing the summer powwow season is way to full for us to school year round, and do it effectively.

Runners Birthday!!
Woo Hoo for Runner. he is 8 years old today. He will be having his party on Saturday. His Grandpa and Nana brought over his gift this morning before school started for us (so happy when family is considerate). They gave him a microscope that plug in to the TV, or can be used as a table top microscope, OR can be hand held for out side on nature walks! I think this shows awareness of the fact that he loves science (they all do) and support of homeschooling all in one. Grandma Claus was up this morning to join him for his requested birthday breakfast of pancakes and bacon (made by Dad & S.W.). She gave him a nice fall outfit and new running shoes (yeah!). I have not bought fall clothes yet. I am planning to just by bit by bit as needed but this is a tight time of year (school books, 3 b-days for my kids, 4 more family b-days...and fall clothes plus hallowe'en). Tonight he will get a gift from me & Dad, play video games and watch star wars movies. The kids will give him a gift at his party. I still remember his birth fondly. I was watching football when pre labour started. Actual labour hit the next day, and then it was quick! We feasted him that night and then I snuggled down with him and watched some Monday night football...a sport he loves to this day.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today was our Not Back to school Picnic. Our homeschool group has grown to 43 families.

We had a great turn out. a huge pot luck of deserts, but they were lightly touched as the bees are out in full force this time of year.

So today while the public school kids were closed up in stuffy classroms packed with kids, still at their desks, my kids spent 6 hours outside with friends old and new. Running, climbing in trees, sliding on slides, play sword fighting with sticks (from age 2 to 12). The day was packed full and we are all tired.

It is also a reminder that each morning they will get a decent sleep while P.S. kids are up early and learning before their eyes are open (it has been proven this is an un-natural schedule for teens). They will work in a place that is comfortable (kitchen tables, padded high back desk chairs, arm chairs and couches. They will finish work before the P.S. kids and have more time outside, getting exercise. They will have P.E. regularly (getting family membership at the YMCA). They will not be bullied. They will not have busy work. They will be taught a subject until they understand it (weather that be a day, week or month). They will never fail. Meanwhile their P.S. counter parts will be required to understand things in a pre set amount of time. If they do not they will fail...if they grow bored, they may also fail. My kids will never miss a beautiful outside day, and yet will still manage to finish a year sooner. They will have field trips of interest, often. An many will be affordable. They will deepen their family relationships.

Yes Not Back To School is a wonderful time of year full of hope that will be nurtured, looked after and fulfilled.

To all my fellow homeschooling Moms I wish "Good Luck, Best Wishes" in your Not Back To School Time, weather it has begun already, just starting , or starting at some completely different time. And I fee confident that such good fortune will come your way,cuz what can be better then parents raising their children day to day?

I took pics today but I also got a new phone so I have yet to figure out how to send. I got an iphone (so excited to play with it later). When I do learn (soon) I will have pics of our goings on.

Monday, September 6, 2010


I am going to challenge my brother.
My brother is a science teacher at the local highschool. He has a project for his grade ten class, and it's on line here: I found it cuz Sunny not is going to that high school tomorrow, I checked their website, came across my brothers name, and looked around. his page isn't updated for this year, it is as it was when he had to take some time off for family. I think he does some of the same labs each year. He doesn't teach the academic kids. He like the other kids,that some teachers give up on. Anyway the blast off lab looks fun, and with my kids studying the periodic table last year, and will continue to this year, I thought this could be fun. I wrote up a sheet to get them started. The sheet is available here: And the science report page I tell the kids to use at the end is here:*881tL4ZvIMJs9w

So I will be using my kids for some good old fashioned sibling rivalry...Cuz it's only wrong when they do it :P My brother and I actually get along well, and he and my lil sister (teacher who decided that working at the movie theater was what she wanted to do, so she's my boss) are actual two people who are most supportive of my homeschooling. I think my brother will think it's fun, and if, I mean when they do well he will find it a good challenge for his students.
The pics are obviously from clip art, it is just funner then a real pic of me vs, my brother. Maybe. My brother looks (and dresses) like Steve from Blues Cues. In fact one year that was his costume (he already had the outfit in his closet). The wee trick or treaters were very excited.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Yesterday I hung out in my pajamas on the computer. I didn't get dressed and busy till it was time to make supper and go to work. It was a wonderful day. I don't often have such a day. I might take one more on Monday.

I am thinking of us all having a pajama day on Monday. But not on the computer, maybe a bit, but mostly playing games. we have some good board games, we like playing spoons and also our wii. We bought the wii for rainy day PE, but it is good fun to play other times as well. We have fun on rock band, but it isn't pretty for those listening in. Sunny Not is very good at it though. However one of my children (to remain nameless) loves to be the singer. This child knows the words and that seems to achieve high the rest of our amazement because this particular child could not sing on key to save their life...but we have fun together.

Back On Track:
It was fun. I visited the BB I most frequent. I emailed, I searched on line for bday gifts for Runner, and checked ratings....good thing to do because the gift he had his heart set on had a 1 star rating across the board. It falls apart amongst other complaints. Every review was pretty much the same. When I read 8 in a row, he understood, he did not want to be disappointed like the kids mentioned in the reviews. We ended up at wii games. One called Endless Ocean Blue World looks great (to both of us!). It is on the list, with a wii wheel.

I got the next week or so of social studies done. I have created a writing assignment in it, that is pretty heavy for S.W. but I think it is time. It involves reading several articles, watching a you tube video, checking the encyclopedia, & then wright his opinion. I am asking for his opinion, at the end after the facts, in a separate paragraph because I want them to have opinions. I am asking the same of the other 2, but less reading and no searching and just less heavy, all though they will be doing searching another time. The Social Studies unit is based on the Kids Bok Of Canada, the Newfoundland pages. The book works west to east, but I am going in order of white contact. I also am heavily supplementing because it only mentions Native people in a "before contact" context. Much of this we cover n our traditional studies, (which includes past and present history and events), but I think it needs more then a blurb saying "so and so lived here before contact". The whole series avoids us, but the other content is accurate and concise so I am supplementing.

I blogged and read blogs galore. Went back to the BB and came across a lap booking link (still have not figured this out). But it linked to a sight full of explanations and examples. And OK, now I get how to go about it. It also suggested how not to go about it. Super Helpful, cuz I would have done some of that. I liked it cuz I saw the 'guts' of a lap book. If there is any other HS mom out there that is sitting there wondering "Am I the only one who doesn't get this?" well here is the link I will also have to let S.W. do some of his on the computer, he will want to find pics on the internet and print them. He does not like drawing...At All. I also think I am going to do typing as a after school subject. In that I have a typing program and to earn computer time each week they must spend some of their own time doing typing, I am also going to require20 minutes of their computer time be spent researching a topic of their choice. This is an idea I came up with while emailing back and forth with a friend. So I guess it's kind of like homework :)

So that is all my lazy net surfing and ideas from my pajama Saturday.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Sometimes I just can't believe what I find at our favorite Dollar Store (Dollarama).
Yesterday I went to the dollar store because I needed 3 things: nail clippers (I think someone eats them), blank paper (for printer) and 3 baskets (the one that held all the kids note books & duo tangs was spilling over). It is a dangerous thing now that they take interact. I don't keep much paper money because S.W. has OCD and picks apart paper (lost my rent money once when he was younger). So before Dollarama got interact I could only ever spend what coin I had in my pocket.

So on our search for the three needed things we found so much more. They each got their own basket for notebooks and duo tangs, and we got a slightly smaller one for Indy. Then we got skinny ones to hold writing and coloring stuff...each. We didn't find a good one for Indy's fat crayons but we did find a Dora hard plastic pencil case for him. I went down the school supply isle (for the paper) and oh what I found. I found the cutest kid scissors. Kid scissors often don't work well but thee ones have metal blades, the only part that makes them kids are rounded ends and cute designs. We got a zebra, alligator, cow and giraffe. I found fat Go Diego Go crayons, a book and CD of Kindy songs (good for all little ones I think), found the paper I was looking for and I found a set of 8 books. They are: So many ways to: Defend Themselves, Build A Shelter, Live In Society, Eat, Move About, Communicate, Live In Difficult Conditions. And each book was $1.50. I bought 8 books for only $12. That is just amazing. I searched the books online, and did find them. Here's the link (they don't have a pic though). I also bought a laminated poster board on telling time. I grabbed a new playdough for Indy as well as a bag of some hard plastic animal toys. These are for his "school toys" I have separate toys for him for school, to keep him entertained. Having the toys strictly for school keeps the toys interesting too. These toys include coloring pages, little lego, blocks & the new things. Playdough seem to need replacing every now and then though, as do the crayons. There was so much more but I decided I would need to wait and get the other things later...after all Runner has a B-day next week.

Friday, September 3, 2010


Ready for school. I have been busy making my kids curriculum for the first week or so of school. I have duo tangs (for worksheets I make). These subjects are: geography, social studies (canada) science (currantly learning periodic table, plus experiments), tracking, Writing , Nature Study, field trip reports. Also notebooks (for subjects where we go from book, to whiteboard to notebook) these are spelling, quotes (both are handwriting too), & rocks and minerals. For Math we have a text book (Math Smart). for cultural studies we don't have a notebook or anything like that, same for learning our traditional language. we have some new books, new printer, pencils, coloured pencils, 3 hole punch, paper, erasers, glue sticks, new games, new novels...Oh I am so excited. I got asked yesterday how come S.W. wasn't going to middle school like Sunny Not did. well first of all I have to deal with Sunny Not's Dad, that's the biggest reason she is not least she fits in. But more importantly why would I send him back to the system where he was a D student when he is now an A - B student. Who would do that? No one would even ask such a stupid question if he was getting these improved grades somewhere other then homeschool. I am lucky, I am generally supported in my decision and I know many families are not. Anyway back to my euphoria. I am just so excited to start. And we are not starting til Wednesday. Tuesday is day one but we are spending the day at the "Not Back To School" picnic. *sigh* it seems so far away :)