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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sandbanks Provincial Park Beach

Today is to be the hottest day of the year. With the humidex 44C (111F). This is big news and is all over the radio and tv. I have never felt temps so hot. Luckily it is very windy. the wind from the water is saving us because on the other side of the sand dune it feels like an oven.

Arriving at Sandbanks Provincial Park and stepping out onto the sand was amazing. The sand is so soft. The water beautiful and we got two picnic tables.

Indy started playing with his trucks in the sand. Then my dad got him down by the waters edge. The other kids are in the water where I am going now. Add more later.

The waves are great the sand is great. The water is a beautiful blue and green. Reminds me of the ocean (despite the differences), which I miss.

The kids and I jumped in the waves. Floated on the crests (well I did, they tried). Then we came in for some snacks. Indy is back to playing with his trucks in the sand. I am heading back to the water.

Came in for lunch. I feel a little queasy. SW is doing his own thing. We were enjoying the waves but sometimes you get a mouth of water. I am exhausted and going to take a short nap under my new sunshade (got it yesterday, it's by ozark trail).

Went back to the water (of course). Sat in the shallowest part with my Dad, sis, Indy an Sunny Not. Runner and Ko-Ko joined.

They have been playing here for a while. I told everyone time to put on some sunblock. The UV index today is 10. Even my kids are getting a bit pink.

Sunny Not, Ko-Ko, Runner and I headed back to the waves. We had a great time. When we came in for a snack it wad 4:30. So we got a bite and then packed up. Now we are in various cars on the way back. It had been a great day.

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