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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Super Sunny Scugog Powwow

We spend the weekend at Scugog Powwow. We always enjoy this powwow. We see almost all our powwow friends at this one as it is huge for a traditional powwow.

It is also the hottest powwow of the year since it is in mid July and not a tree in sight.
The above pic of Sunny Not is all white cuz it was so bright all the pics turned out this way unless in shade

A pic from under the canopy where we sat with Rose's family
This year was the hottest yet. And the thing about Ontario is that we do hot a little different. 33c (91.4F) may not seem to bad to some of you but add 90% humidity to that.

This is an evening pic when the sun was less bright

Of course the rain bringing the humidity missed us....Scugog; the powwow where you wish it would rain.

talking in air conditioned feast hall after feast
Enough about the heat
Let's talk powwow.

The powwow was awesome. I enjoyed seeing people, dancing, talking an feasting.

And the Fireworks (which they do every 5 years). In fact I loved the 20 min show. My phone died after the first minute so i only have opening shots.

As did the kids. The kids played and danced. And SW was offered a job with a good vendor. My husband said no. I agree. It would be different when he is older. But spending the summer living with family we don't know isn't OK at 12. Hopefully they will reconsider in a few more years.
We hit McD's (how come they eat more every year?) and are heading home.

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