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Thursday, March 3, 2011

How To Warm The Heart Of Your Ex-Activist Mother

WARNING this may only appeal to major left wing liberals, activists and traditional skins.

Now with the warning over with into today's antics.

For English we have been studying poetry through the kids favorite pop songs. Today they were to work together to re-write Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars' "I wanna be a billionaire"
I let them go at the brainstorming processes while I prepared some future schoolwork.

I was very curious as they threw questions my way. For example:

>KIDS: "mom what is a word for a guy who trades sides"
ME: "traitor"
KIDS: " doesn't fit and not a bad guy"
ME: "rouge".
KIDS: " thanks"

And a while later.

>KIDS:"what is the main news story on the news called?"
KIDS:"not in a newspaper on the news like on global"
ME: " yeah I think it is the headliner or main feature"
KIDS : "K"

I was totally curious. Headline on global news and a rougue, nit a bad guy. Hmmmm...

So here is the song to make any retired activist Mom like my self smile.

I wanna be a Native activist on the blockades.
Buy all the cannuck rouge black ops.
Uh, I wanna be the headliner on Global news.
Smiling next to coffee drinking cops.

Oh everytime I block the 401.
I see my face on the news. ( hey mom I'm on tv).
I swear the world had better prepare.
For when I'm a Native activist.
Oh oh oh oh (eh)
Oh oh oh oh (eh)

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