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Thursday, March 18, 2010


St. Patty's Day rings in Indy's second birthday. We wore the green and celebrated it as a St Patty's Birthday. My husband is half Mohawk and half Irish so the kids remember they are part Irish for the day. We had Pizza, or as Indy says "Itza!" He loves his itza. So Grandma Claus made a green pastry. I made key lime punch and key lime ice cream cake decorated like Oscar the grouch. (recipes below). My sis came early before work and brough Indy a tricycle. We took hime out for a good ride. the rest of the family bought and made elmo gifts as well as a cookie monster stuffy. Indy puts the cookie in his mouth and says "num num num num". Some of the Women who helped me birth Wahtha at home 2 years ago came. We all had good times and good laughs and he enjoyed all the kids and Aunties. He liked having Grandma Claus home too (she took the day off). The kids enjoyed all being together with the other kids in the community too.

So how did I make a checkerboard ice cream cake and can you do it too?


Step I, make 2 white cake mixes (I like betty crocker suppermoist). I made these the night before when the kids were in bed. Kids can make your baking fall and ruin if they run, shout and general happy kid stuff. Otherwise do it mid day when you can send them all out...preferably to the park as that lasts longer then the backyard,,,a t least in my house.

Set aside first cake mix. In second cake mix, stir in 1/2 a package of lime jello and green food colouring).

You must have a checkerbord pan set. or make your own. Three round pans. each pan is divided into 3 circles. 2 go green, white, green, the 3rd go white, green, white (this is the middle one). After fully cooled remove from pans.

Take one (or two, your choice) containers of key lime sorbet. To change the flavor change the sorbet, ice cream, jello and food colouring.

with slightly softened sorbet, use a knife and slice out some sorbet and put ontop of first cake layer (rounded side down). After cake is covered at a thickness you like use knife to smooth, add middle layer, repeat then add top layer.

Put in freezer for 3 hours (or more). Then ice, decorate and re-freeze until you serve. If in freezer longer then a day then cover air tight. You can prepare this upto 3 weeks ahead.

I got the icing off the internet. I googled "pure white frosting". don't use a cream cheese icing it will be to sweet.

The Punch - more key lime.

5 3/4 cups citus punch (I made some frozen citrus 5 alive and used that)
2 cans frozen limade
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup lime juice
1 liter key lime sorbet, softened
2 liters (1 bottle) lemon lime soda (I used 7 up)
lime slices
several drops of gren food colouring until you like the shade of green.

Mix it all together, float lime slices on top, refrigerate and serve.

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