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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well obviously not in this house. So what is this blog about?

Indy was watching a leap frog DVD bout going to school for the first time. In it Tad and Lily go off to school by themselves (no other students or teachers) on the day before school so they know what is what. To Indy it looks like they are by themselves. He likes the DVD. So he and I had a conversation:

Me: "Where is Tad's Mom and Dad?

Indy: "All gone home" (they don't come on this trip they are taken to school by some kind of bug).

Me: "They are all alone?"
Indy: "yes'

Me: "You will learn school with me, at home."

Indy: (giggles) "yes"

Me: "and SW and Ko-Ko & Runner"
Indy: "yes, all stay home with me at school!"

As a Mom who watched her other four trot off to school by themselves. Two of them before they turned 4. One within days of turning 4. Some cried, some looked scarred, one was just not ready (tiny youngest Ko-Ko). I cried. There is a reason there are hundreds of books trying to convince these little kids that leaving Mom all day to be with strangers is suddenly a good thing. We need back up for the lie. They all have the same theme (don't cry it will be fun, fun, fun!)

I am so glad not to repeat this experience. I am glad to make hot lunch on cold days. Have time for hot breakfast in the morning. To know that the fruit I buy is happily eaten. It used to be hidden in a nap sac and then they would lie and get a fruit roll up (or other similar garbage) from the school. When my kids eat junk I like it to be my decision, or at least home made sweets. I am glad to be done with SW running away. Done with Ko-Ko being dragged to school. Done with my kids being bullied, and then punished for it because it takes two to fight (apparently the school system doesn't know what a victim is). Done with them getting racist comments on a regular basis. Done with their shame.

My kids are learning more then academics now. They have better grades but what really makes me smile is that Ko-Ko has stopped hating the world this year. They are making friends, not fighting off bullies. They are learning how to socialize in a civil way, not the lord of the flies school yard method.

Back to school? Never Again.

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