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Friday, August 20, 2010


A Scary word for kids...even more scary for parents without coverage.

Yes I have always known that it is ideal to take children for regular check ups to the dentist. But 5 kids and no dental coverage. We don't have high paying jobs, or medium ones either. So we never went. A lot of families don't go for the same reason.

Runner has changed that. He had a tooth ache. So this morning (he felt better, but still) I started calling. Some advised me to a franchise when I explained no coverage and no funds for multiple trips. I needed one trip. Then I was told the health unit has a program for families like ours.

The franchise does not consider the health unit funds as payment...evil franchise.

The health unit has several hoops to jump through.

I just want my kids teeth fix so he is no in pain. Plus he, Ko-Ko & Indy are excited to go to my Dad's. Okaga is excited to go Powwow with me so tomorrow afternoon doesn't work. In the morning I have so much to do. I have no ride today and I don't want to wait weeks...who knows how bad the pain might get.

I was stressed, tired and crying. Calls dropped,wrongly directed,phone tag, bak and forth.

Finally with the help of the health unit, dentist, his receptionist. Mom & dad and my friend Marie I pulled it off. Appointment happened today (Thursday at 1pm). Tomorrow my parents will take him to the health unit to jump threw hoops.

Can only go up from here...
...until Runners teeth show small cavities in EACH baby molar. DAMN! I had so many decisions to make, and only 2 are covered by the health unit. We got fillings (2 more covered appointments to finish). Now I need to figure out if teeth cleaning can be done or else we will pay for it. $100 per kid, spread the kids out and we can do it.I realized we need to fork the money over now, or the kids will pay for it later. Every Mom who can't afford the dentist knows this is just not always possible. The how seems impossible. I guess the extra money on my baby bonus this year has a destination.

My kids will become the king of floss. It is my new goal.

P.S. I will get powwow pics for the blog this weekend while at Golden Lake powwow...I will.

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