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Sunday, April 11, 2010


I made field study pages for the kids in PDF to print and put in duo tangs. So today we started. On the edge of our subdivision (inside the city) is a important water shed so there is no development along this water shed....very close to it however. So we walked our section. It was kinda cool to see nature in the city. Our subdivision isn't downtown, its on the edge. Everything east of us is downtown. Everything west of us is suburbs. We have never been along this before, although I have been to other parts of this watershed. I am excited to walk this in the summer. I know sweetgrass grows along this watershed, I can smell it. I have never been able to get access to it though, perhaps in this section though. We took Ko-ko's friend with us, Sunny Not didn't come, she is on a sleepover. We did take Indy (but won't next time). We found a path eventually and followed it. It brought us to our city's main st, near KFC so we stopped there for a late lunch and then headed home. It was a good afternoon.

Ground plants are nice and green

The orange in the water is a plant.

Snake. Ko-Ko's friend picked this up, dropped the poor thing in fear and tried again.
The snake swam away (smart choice). Still I'm impressed that the young girl so
wanted to hold something she was afraid of.

SW & Indy heading to the stream. Indy didn't like heading down the slopes near the edges, especially after I slipped on mun and slide down hitting the edge of the water.

SW crossing the stream to the island, which he loves.

New green leaves.
Fur from an animal, we think it was attacked because on one piece we could see the skin,
now weathered. We had a good talk about if it was squirrel or rabbit. It's rabbit.

First flower.

Seed pods. There was not a lot of diversity here. 2 types of trees, 2 types of shrubs,
although there was more diversity in the ground plants.

Summer or Winter? Runner & SW have different perspectives in how to dress
for the early spring season.

A rotting log. Wonder what we will find living in it later this year.

Milk Pod. Will have to remember to come see these in summer too.

Garbage in case you forgot we were in the city. The kids thought
we could take it home and fix it.
Where the path ended.

Ko-Ko & Indy find dandelions on the way home.

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  1. Great hike!!Love the different seeds you found.