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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


My family loves thunder storms.

The kids ears perked up tonight.

Runner:"Is that thunder?"

Ko-Ko: "It is , and there's lightening, I see it"

SW, Runner, Ko-Ko: "Mom?!"

Me: "yep, get your stuff on"

They throw on a sweater with crocks or boots. Runner & Ko-Ko run out then back in for umbrellas. SW has gotten the tobacco. Sunny Not comes running down the stairs and has tobacco too. We head out.

The little ones have their heads cocked upwards but when they see us we all head to the Cedar Tree. We give the tree tobacco and thank Wakan Inyan (the Thunderbird) for protecting us and we all enjoy the storm. It is always the time when I re-tell them the teachings about Wakan Inyan.

I feel bad for non-Native families. I know many enjoy a good storm too but many are scared. My kids grew up excited for a thunder storm. Waiting and guessing when the thunder would return each spring. They do not see Wakan Inyan as scary. They know he is a protector.

I am posting a beautiful pic of lightening. I tried to take some but my camera is my phone and it doesn't do night pics well. Some day I will have a good camera for this but until then here is a pic to show you the beauty of Wakan Inyan

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  1. That sounds lovely, and yes, you are lucky to have these traditions to draw from.