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Saturday, April 10, 2010



Spent the afternoon sewing with Ko-Ko. We made a bag together. She did a lot on her own. On the applique she did the straight bits, and I did the curves. The rest she did with some help on the corners where you need to adjust the material. It was nice. When we were done she went off to her friends with the bag and I uploaded the pics and wrote this blog. I have been working on a sewing unit study and will include this in it as Ko-Ko has helped with the rest of the study. She is excited to have her brothers do it. Having them help seems to pay off. A bit of extra learning with out them realizing.

How To Make A Bag (all measurements are in inches) (all seam allowances 5/8)

Cut 4 squares 12 x 12. Make 2 one colour (A) and 2 another (B)as 2 will be on the outside, and 2 on the inside Cut 6 rectangles 4 x 12. (3 colour A, and 3 colour B)
Cut one rectangle 30 x 7.2

Sew the 3 A rectangle end to end. (Right sides together) (Repeat with B)

Sew the left side of the joined rectangles to one of the A squares. (Right sides together) (repeat for B)
Now join the remaining A square to the other side of the A rectangles (right sides together) (repeat for B)

*you now have two bags with no handles*

On single large rectangle (30 X 7) fold over 5/8 of edge on right side and iron. Repeat on left side and iron. Then fold in half and iron. Sew along open edge and closed edge. This is the handle. **If you want you can put some batting inside before sewing shut. This makes a padded handle for your shoulder. Sew down middle of padded handle as well as sides**

Turn bag B inside out. Turn bad A right side out. Iron down top edge 5/8 inch all way around top of both bags. Place bag B inside of bag A (now all seams are hidden. Pin edges together. Line up edges of handle with sides of bag. Place ends in between layer A & B. Pin together. Now sew all around top of bag by edge.
Your bag is complete.

Adding Applique
Before you start sewing draw a simple design(in reverse) on the back of a piece of heat and bond lite (or similar product). It is important it is lite or your machine and needle will become gummed up. Cut out and iron (following directions) onto back side of fabric. Cut out and peel off backing, Place on to square A and iron. Set sewing machine to zigzag with a stitch length of 3. Zigzag stitch around entire edge of applique piece. Gently but firmly apply resistence to your fabric so that it goes through your machine slowly. This way your stitching will create a sold edge.

My big hope is that the kids come to enjoy sewing as much as I do. I also have a copy the unit study here.