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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today we began our unit study on Government. My kids behaved like politicians....bickering, fighting, not listening, immature little....

And I was the useless speaker of the house calling for order and no one was listening.

I called in the troops (DH) in the evening. Our session resumed (s
chool at 5pm). It is now the supper hour, DH has gone to pick up Aunty Claus and some of the dis-order has returned.

I Do Not Like Today.

Should it be expected? Should I study the Hare Krishna if I want peace?

I am not the serene Mother today. I tried. I started my day in a good mood, excited to start the day. I was late getting up so they slept in too Why does that additional bit of sleep not result in better behavior? I happily did my chores and this is where it went wrong. Ko-Ko lost her wallet (cuz she doesn't put things away) and she went off the deep end. It all went down hill.

It is frustrating for every Mother when this happens. When you homeschool it is very frustrating cus you are watching the educational day go up in smoke too. I do not understand where DH's ability to get them to behave comes from. I am the stricter parent. *sigh* It is one of those questions that really bugs me. I had worked hard to make a study of government interesting. AND I remembered my daily assessments and printed some more off. You can use these too if you want just click here
Tomorrow we have a field trip, we are still waiting for the dumpster, who knows how my week will go? Well it will get done when it gets done but I am starting to worry about schooling in July.
Maybe that wouldn't be a bad thing?

You can use my unit study if you like. It is about government in Canada on all levels. part of it relates specifically to us and where we live in Canada. It could be used as a template and modified for where you live in Canada, or use it as a template to set up your own study of your own government from outside of Canada. Or use it in part to study politics in Canada. It does show some of my point of view...hard not to when you discuss politics :)
It covers:
  • types of governments
  • Federal government & responsibilities
  • Provincial / Territorial government & responsibilities
  • Municipal government & responsibilities
  • taxes
  • the make up of the federal government (governor general, mp's, prime minister, senate, house of commons, speaker of the house, opposition party, opposition leader)
  • political parties in Canada
  • how to vote
  • provincial elections
  • municipal elections
  • worksheets and word finds.
Government Unit Study

HOWEVER, the light in my day: DH bought me a heart bunt pan :) I Love him! Mine is a red silicone one, but the shape is identical to the one in the pic.


  1. So sorry today was so hard. Hopefully the rest of the week goes better!!

    I love the daily assessment. That's pretty awesome.

    The unit study is great too and totally changeable for the good ole US of A. :D

    Say it with me, failure is not falling down, its not getting back up! :)

  2. Thanks. I can get back up :). I will remember that!
    Glad u like the assessment and can make use if the study!