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Monday, January 3, 2011

2011...can I start the new Year later?

It's here, not that you would have known reading my blog. I worked all weekend. When I wasn't at work I was preparing unit studies for January. Or I was staring at my computer screen too tired to write anything.

Plus everything seems off. We have our big move at the end of the month and the prospect of packing seems overwhelming.

If I start on the main floor there is so much to not pack because we will need it

The second floor is mostly the same, I could pack in five minutes except linens and clothes, which I will need.

The basement will be a nightmare. And since it is storing stuff it is where most of the tossing will happen which I can't do till we get the dumpster... Closer to moving day. Maybe we only pack the less needed stuff now but does that mean we don't really need it? Do we wait and start closer to ten days from moving?

You would think I never did this before but I am just more over whelmed.

New Years Resolution? It is to be more organized and keep better house. But again I am overwhelmed as things slowly fell apart with 13 people in the house followed by me working longer shifts all weekend.

I have a cleaning plan. It is designed to slowly de-clutter an manage those areas so they don't re-clutter. But I wonder, when I move do I need a new one? Will everyone be on board? Will it really be as simple as it looks on paper?

Can I start my new Year at the end of the month? Yes. Yes I can. When I was talking to Grandma Claus about New Year from a tradish aspect... - You see someone asked me what our new year traditions were. I said we don't have anything like New years. Some places with a big gym hold a new years powwow but this is an adopted tradition, not ours. So I asked her. Grandma Claus said Mudwinter is considered the start of our cycle although that may be because it is the first one occurring in the Gregorian new year ( hard to tell after generations of forced assimilation of a populations children) Perhaps it would be Sweet water time. These are of course the ways of her Nation, an these are the ceremonies we follow. After all we do live in her territory so it makes sense. So yes I can celebrate new years at the end of the month or beginning of next, when we move and when we celebrate midwinter.

So there is my beginning of January musing.

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