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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I just came across this idea on Baby Center's Homeschooling board.

the idea of getting kids to write an advice column was just brilliant in my opinion. Some of my kids (all of them) think they have all the answers.

ROFL...yeah I know, just wait till they are our age and realize how ridiculous that is!

So I could just picture them writing away furiously spouting their great opinions :) I got straight off baby center and onto open office (I use it instead of word) and thought, OK what do I write? Well I came up with three ideas. Ones that I drew from them and their complainants (yeah my kids do that too). Maybe (if it isn't hoping too much) they will give themselves some sage advice. OK, more likely they will come up with something ridiculous, but they will be writing and it will be creative, which is all I really wanted in the end.

Here is my advice seeking questions. (I removed my kids name and left a blank, on their papers they have their names,I just edited between printings for each kid.)

Dear __________;

My siblings never help me with chores. What should I do?

From: Cinderella

Dear __________:

I move into a new place soon. I am worried about making friends. What should I do?

From: Charlie Brown

Yes, we are just moving to the other side of the park but for some reason Ko-Ko is worried about this.

Dear ___________:

I have to share a room with my sibling. We don't always get along. They always think I am going to touch their stuff and they complain that my clothes are always on the floor. What should I do?

From: Alvin Chipmunk

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