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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Top Ten Tuesday. Link up, and join in!

We move at the end of the month. When we move we will have a school/play room. It is 13x45, lots of space :) So this is a wish list for the new room.

1. Short table like a kidney tables or the clover one cuz it is cheaper. Yeah you think my kids are a little old. Well it is based on the seating I would like.

2. Exercise balls. You know when I was a doula we called these birth balls and they were 40-60 dollars. Anyway apparently they are ideal seats for boys. It fulfills their need to fidget. I hope it gas the same effect on Ko-Ko with her ADD and now they are $10-$15

3. Idea paint. OK this is my most biggest wish. I will get this no matter what ridiculous price I pay. This will be my extravagance. If it means I can't have the table then I will have DH shorten the legs on one of our 2 kitchen tables we have in storage.

What is ideapaint you ask? Remember chalkboard paint? Well this is better it is white board paint. Besides painting a wall I planning painting the table too. And who knows what else!

4. A window seat. There is a bay window above The schoolroom. The shape is repeated in the schoolroom but with no window. I would like a window seat anyway with shelves underneath. I think it will make a cozy reading area.

5. A faux window above the window seat. Get some old windows from the restore that fit or some wood to build a window frame and some glass (the re store is second hand building supplies store), paint an outdoor scene and put the faux windows in front with some curtains. Add in some lighting behind the windows. This is my Dad's idea and I love it.

6. Shelves and bookcases galore! That way everything has a place.

7. Containers and baskets galore! To help define where the spaces are on the shelves. I will look into making some myself. Or even collecting milk crates. Or a combination.

8. A couch or futon. Not looking to spend much. Perhaps second hand. Something clean and comfortable. A place to sit.

9. Cushions and blankets. I think I would like to make some cushions and quilts for the faux window seat and the couch and some floor cushions tying everything all together.
And after seeing these on Design Dazzle the other day, I think I want to make them...thanks for the idea Design Dazzle!

10. The insight, materials and sales to make it all happen within a budget and the patience to take the time I may need to make it happen.

and yes my kitchen is still clean and I will get to the post on my new cleaning schedule soon!


  1. Fun! I like all of it--those little floor cushions are adorable. And who knew they had white board paint?! Fun!

  2. I recently got a window seat, and it is so wonderful! It ads character to our dining room. What I didn't realize is that when I'm sitting in the window seat, I'm facing inward, and I'm not really enjoying outdoors unless I don't lean against anything. I still love the window seat, though.