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Saturday, January 8, 2011


So it looks like (for now) I am sharing my daily kitchen sink photo at the end of my is good motivation.

But to start, our day.

The Native Center is hoping for a new youth program for ages 12-24. To get the program there is of course a proposal to be written. Since it is a youth program they are looking for the thought of the currant age group (12-24 plus 10 & 11 yr olds who are nearly program age). The thoughts of the past youth (25-29) and the adults (30+).

So I attended with Ko-Ko and SW. I was disappointed that Sunny Not didn't come.

I think it was a real learning experience for them to sit in a group and brainstorm. This is the sort of thing that they will one day realize was educational.

The program is to have a strong cultural and community focus. I have high hopes for this program and really hope they hire a person with strong traditional knowledge to pull it off. I heard some of what the other groups wrote when we were chatting after. Everyone put forth many strong cultural plans and ideas. Those who showed up were the more traditional families which is good cuz we have been the ones disappointed with programming lately (last decade or so)

I did this sort of thing in my late teens and twenties. I hope my children do also. We are taught in our teachings that this is the age group that brings change and action to a community. I hope my kids do just that. One because they will be a benefit to our community. Secondly because doing so presents a world of learning opportunities. It was during this time in my life that I traveled the country to different Native communities, sat on boards, chaired a powwow committee, protested, brought supplies to (Native) blockades and in doing so; cleaned tons of dishes, floors, kitchens, learned to make bannock, corn soup, tea, lye corn, sew regalia, help Elders, make hand drums, feast drums & regalias, wake up drums, assist in ceremonies, understand our peoples political and spiritual issues. essentially it was when I learned who I was. Much of our group brainstormed ideas that would present these opportunities for our youth. I am excited!

And On To My Kitchen Sink

As you will see my sink is still shined. I am trying to make sure each pic is different so you know it is a new one each time. And today's kitchen project was my spice rack. I scrubbed it and the wall around and behind it. I scrubbed the spice containers. I emptied and washed the nearly empty and very old ones and scrubbed empty ones. Then I refilled all the scrubbed ones. I am very pleased. All that is left is the top if the fridge and the cupbards. When I do them I will pack all but the minimum of what is needed before the move. I really am enjoying bringing my kitchen to life:)

And of course the sink

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