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Monday, June 20, 2011

A Dino Field Trip

This morning I got up with the three younger ones. We were heading out to Miller Hall to learn a bit about Dinosaurs. SW stayed home and later went to his drama group. This was a trip for the 10 and under crowd.

The children and museum guide discussed a bit about dinosaurs and fossils. He asked lots of questions and was awarded with many raised hands waiting to answer.

They also discussed what tools you would need if you were out digging for dinosaur bones in the Alberta badlands. One young volunteer was dressed for the job. Everything from hiking boots to camping supplies was discussed.

Fossils were shown and passed around. The children searched for bones in a sand pit and checked out the exhibits.

This is a small museum. And while there are fossils there are no large assembled Dino skeletons. Ko-Ko and Indy liked digging in dirt and anything big.

However the session was lively and well enjoyed. Runner really liked making his own imprint fossil and seeing a diamond in rock.

After we got lunch from a chip truck and spent some time in the nearby park. So did two of the other families so everyone played for a bit. Indy proudly built some (small) sandcastles.

Then we headed off downtown for a walk. We ended at Indigo books. Had some smoothies and left with a few more books and a bit less money. We did get some good deals though.

At home we enjoyed put books and Aunty told us we would be getting a new van this month. Perhaps we will not need to rent for the trip to Scugog powwow :)

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