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Friday, June 17, 2011

Powwow Day.

Last night Ko-Ko finished up a ribbon dress that she had been planning since she wanted to sell one at the powwow. So it was a late night (nothing new) and she did an excellent job. She had minimal help from me.

Then up early this morning for our local powwow. I have several picks to share. I did want one with everyone together including me but somehow that didn't work. I will focus harder on it tomorrow. We did get lots of pics bear the end of the day.

Ko-Ko with the Woman's hand drum. not something you see everywhere but up here Women use hand drums and water drums. but never bug drums. you got to know the territory you at in.

Runner taking pics of himself.

SW hanging out.

SW at the drum. H is in the white hat.

The head dancers, including my Runner:)

Indy and out neighbor. Also a homeschooling Native family.



Ko-Ko taking a rest.

It wad a good day and we can't wait to return tomorrow. Although Runner an SW are already there. They were invited to stay with the firekeeper, along with another friend. The powwow committee ha a youth shadowing each adult role. What was truly lovely to see was the young man shadowing the MC, a role both his father and grandfather have done in this community.
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  1. It's wonderful to get to peak into your life & how you're teaching your children about their heritage!

  2. I am glad you enjoy the peek:)
    I think the key with the kids is living their culture rather then reading about it or experiencing it on occasion.