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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Twisted Geography

This is a Carnival of Homeschooling entry, check out the others.

Edit: they love it!

The other day I was lamenting on an online homeschool group the loss of our geography twister game. We had worn it out over the years. Buying a new one did not seem practical as my kids needed one more challenging the just the continents.
I thought it would be neat to make one.

After that rolled around my mind for a day, I took action.

On Friday the kids and I went shopping for supplies. I even found the perfect material for the mat. It is cotton with a vinyl back. The reverse of a tablecloth.

Mapping out the map was my next challenge. I printed a map off the computer. Then I reloaded the same piece of paper and printer off a grid.

The kids them helped me draw the grid on the fabric mat. Well they started. I ended up filling it in. I really needed a yard stick.

Then came drawing the map. This took a ling time. And the middle section if the country looks a bit squashed to me. All in all I think I did a good job.

Next it needed colour. I used fabric markers. One pack barely made it through the whole map. But I got it done. I added some land features (mountains, volcanoes, arctic circle, Canadian shield) and Capitol cities.

The capitols are the only things marked. Everything else us unnamed. Adds to the difficulty.

Next are the spinners. Since I have 24 possible options to spin to I have decided I need 2 spinners. One for places. One to tell you which foot or hand. I still have to put the spinner together. Bit since I have stayed up almost all night doing this, it'll have to wait. I also need to gem the mat.

I can't wait to get playing. I think this turned put well!

I will let you all know how it went.

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  1. That is such a neat idea! I've used the Twister concept for teaching my son spelling when he was little. Never thought of doing the same for geography! Your map is impressive.

    Peace and Laughter!

  2. Thank-you.
    Twister spelling, that's a great idea. How does it work.