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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


So we started our study of Rome, and I have a lose plan of how we are doing it. to start
we are using books to go through the history of Rome and create a time-line. From there we
will go into depth on key subject areas referring back to our time-line.

Our time line is made up of pieces of paper, on which we have some key information and a picture. Since SW has issues with drawing (especially if people will see it) I said I would draw
his if he colored them in. I did some cartoon-ish figures based on the ones in our
"Cartoon History Of the Universe". Ko-Ko liked them and did the same style. Runner wanted the same thing and Ko-Ko assisted me in making some for him (although he did his
own drawing of the temple for Jupiter. He likes drawing buildings. So to save time for today Ko-Ko and I spent some time last night drawing up the pictures in advance, ready to be colored and have info added.

We are continuing today after lunch recess. We spent the morning on our other subjects. Yesterday we also attempted the box-board Colosseum from our "DK Ancient Rome" set. Unfortunately the pieces didn't fit. Some were to small. That was disappointing, especially to Runner.

Here is our time-line. I have written what the kids wrote with the pictures. the words in
are the word bubbles in the pictures. The BROWN is what was done in marker, to
make it stand out. We are hanging these up around the top of school/play room. Yesterday
was Romes history up until the Gauls burn Rome so it is the un-written history

753 BC ROMULOUS& REMUS They are raised by a wolf. When they grow up they invent Rome. Romulous kills Remus and leads Rome in many wars
NUMA POMPILIUS Invented Roman religion to keep order and peace. He got the idea
from a wood nymph

- Hmm...these guys should keep the people busy with ceremony and ritual

550BC TARQUIN A bird took off his hat and put it back. His wife Tanaquil saw it
as a prophecy. So he campaigned to be king

-look what that bird did to your hat!
-Wow! I shou
ld be king!

SERVIUS TULLIUS He was trained to be king by Taraquin's wife because she saw
flames coming from his head. Her sons were angry.

- Wow! He should be the next king
-But Mom that's not fair!

LUSIUS TARAQUIN He and his wife (Servius's daughter) killed Servious. Lusius
becomes Rome's last king. He built the first sewer and a temple to Jupiter.

- looks good
-Jupiter like this, people over there, y
a, you 2

509BC JUNIUS BRUTUS. Lusius son rapes his friends wife. She tells all and then
kills herself. Junius leads a revolt against the Taraquin's...
ROME BECOMES A REPUBLIC and Junius is 1st Chief Executive

-revenge is sweet -down with kings!

458 BC CINCINNATUS is a 15 day dictator. He saves Rome from the invading Aeque.

- I saved you guys! Let be rule as your dictator for more then 2 weeks
- OK; 15 days.

SINCINIUS The unpaid Plebeian army had felts to the Patricians. The patricians
murdered and enslaved the Plebeians. Sincinius leads the Plebeian army in
revolt. The revolt resulted in protection for the Plebeians in the form of a ...
TRIBUNE OF THE PEOPLE. Tribunes had the power to veto any law. There were 5
Plebeian tribunes.
-veto - veto -veto -veto -veto >Sicinius is a tribune too

390BC The Gauls came an killed the Romans, burned the town and left
387BC after the burning of Rome all history records were gone. Our knowledge of
Rome to this point is verbal history.
-they came, they killed, they burned the town and left ? Why??

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