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Saturday, February 26, 2011


What? Did that really just happen?

That's what I was left wondering earlier today.

Sometimes I struggle to get certain children to just get their work done. Runner just plain old procrastinates and needs to be re-directed often.

Ko-Ko sometimes gets it in her head that she can't do something (even if she did yesterday) or that she wants to do something else. And then the struggle to get her to do the work and do it properly is on.

Today I had gotten to the point of writing on the whiteboard "I will not be disrespectful of my Mom's time.". It seemed to perfectly encompass how I felt about the situation. I told her that I was fed up with the same old struggles and she had wasted much if my time and that when the boys were done we would have recess. How ever many questions remained us how many tunes she would copy the sentence.

It worked Ko-Ko decided to get to work. I wondered (as I watched her,) how many lines she would be writing. The punishment seemed old school but I looked like it was effective.

Ko-Ko finished her math and English before the boys were done their math. It was all correct to.

So that brings s to the opening line. What? What happened? How did that happen? What do I do now? She was dine before them. *Sigh* Typical Ko-Ko.

I had a private talk with her band I pointed out that if she had done her work right away like that, then she would have about an hour on her own waiting for the boys.

This afternoon we began working on a project. I will post all about it when it is done.

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