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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flying my the seat of our pants!

I had a plan for our day. It didn't happen.

Originally we were going to have a basic school day. So we got up and got ready for the day. The kids did so slowly. While waiting for them I sat down at my desk to pull the days work together.

We were out of printer ink. The last dry erase marker ha it's lid off. We were out of paper.

I ran up stairs formulating the best way to get what I needed for the day. Bus or a drive from
DH. Dh was game but later. *Sigh*
OK more quick thinking. Field trip downtown. I could get all our needs and hit a local museum.

So we went to the museum of healthcare. We checked all the displays bread them. Discussed them. They were not totally bored although they may tell you otherwise.

They were to each puck their favorite display or display item. They will learn about it further. My end on this will be easy because they all picked the same thing....amputation and the saw that cuts the bones.

It's a lovely display don't you think :)

Then we hit staples, indigo (books) and McDonalds. Indigo had the complete Canadian curriculum on display. I grabbed a few cuz the kids like the math in it. We haven't been thrilled with any other math (even by the same publisher) so I bought the whole thing for the math. At $20 each it is more then worth it. I may use the rest over the summer.

I would say our spur of the moment day went well. Now I must get ready for work. I am doing an afternoon shift today to make up hours since I took the whole weekend off.
Have a great day all!

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