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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We did our Valentines Day - Lupercalia Festival Unit Study yesterday and today. It went well. We still have the baking to do. We will do the cookies today but the cake later, over the weekend. There are links at the bottom of this page.

The Unit lead to many good discussions and looking up on the internet and in books. It is our lead in for our study of Rome later this month. The kids are in anticipation of it now.

We also didn't do the crafts I had planned...isn't that the way sometimes? They made the cards that the unit asked to make but were not interested in the crafts. Ko-Ko made a card of Valentine marring people in secret and one of the lottery at the Luppercalia festival. Runner's card depicted the beheading of St. Valentine and his Lupercalia card was that of the priests whipping the Woman with bloody animal skins to make them fertile. SW went with the beheading and the lottery. Due to his issues with drawing I let him find a picture on the internet and promised it wouldn't appear here.

Instead (didn't think I would leave you with no crafts did you?)I went with this home made sticker idea that I read about here on the homeschool BCC board. The board links you to the blog I Can Teach My Child! where the idea came from (not sure if she thought it up or got it elsewhere). The one change i made was adding self adhesive vinyl to the front. This was Aunty Claus' idea.

This craft was brilliant cuz everyone could participate and wanted to participate...truly a craft for everyone!

We put a Valentines Twist on the craft! We chose valentines pictures from google images and then wished everyone a Happy Valentines from each of us. Finally the kids made an additional one with pictures that depicted the history of Valentines Day. The plan (with approval from the two homeschool Moms whose family we are meeting with on the 14th) is to place out the historical options and see which ones people prefer for the occasion...I suspect that this may have skewed results on an 8-12 yr old population :)

You can use our Valentine PDF There are questions, activities links and recipes through out. The info is from the internet and can be obtained from googling. Yes this was a copy and paste job for me. The questions are my own. It is just handy if the info is altogether for them.
also here are the pages we made for our Valentines Stickers.
Valentines Stickers Sr.

Valentines Stickers Jr.

Valentines Stickers Toddlers

Valentines Stickers Historical

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