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Friday, December 10, 2010


Pleas Santa;I'd like the house on Sherwood street.

Today is a full day, with no chance to rest. I am posting in between dryer loads at the laundry mat.

First off was homeschool gymnastics. Easy other then then 9:30 am start time right. Well I forgot it was gymnastics when I woke up and so we started our day at 8am with the usual goal of ready by 9:30.

It was while I was relaxing in the tub at 8:30 that I remembered. I jumped out and informed the kids to kick it into high gear cuz we needed to be ready to leave
by 9am. Yep in 30 minutes. It was then that I realized Indy

only had summer clothes. Everything else was in the laundry and our washing machine is currently not extracting the water. So I took a run to loblaws (the grocery store with everything).

I made it back and the kids were fed (oatmeal thanks to SW) and mostly ready. We made it to gymnastics 5 min early. Truly amazing.

The kids had fun. There was a lot of kids this time.

When we got home we needed to clean and eat...we didn't exactly leave the house in order this morning which is something I am usually strict about. We ate and cleaned and packed for the rest of the day.

That washing machine issue. Means we are at the laundry mat and it is busy. Funny cuz last time we came on a Saturday and the place was quiet. Not today. You'd think weekends would be worse.

But we played it double duty and The kids went to see Santa. well the three youngest did. Another joy of homeschooling is that no one crushes your kids dreams with cruel xmas "truths".

When we are done here we will be off to our Friday swim with the Native center and then I am off to work opening night of Narnia at the theatre.

But the really big thing is today is that we are all waiting to here if we got the house we are all dreaming of. Someone else has also put in an offer and so we are all glad to be busy to help keep our minds off of fear. Wr are working on faith and positive thinking.

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  1. We didn't get the house. I have to believe there is a better one for us although that is hard right now.