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Monday, December 27, 2010

Skating 0. Hot chocolate 9

My brother in law and I took my 5 kids and his 2 girls skating downtown at the rink at city hall.

Ko-Ko cried she was cold. She didn't wear the two pairs of socks I told her to wear. Left her hat in the van and her mitts on the bench.

Sunny Not says her ankles were bothering her.

S.W. Stumbled happily around the rink pulling people down every-time he fell.

Runner made it around whining that his cousin little miss#1 is better.

We got Indy on the ice and he started saying "why me on ice!? Why me on ice!?". He decided he was happy to watch.

When we were done our skating adventure we headed across the street to a local diner. We had a nice cup of hot chocolate.

It was cold. -9C with a wind chill of -17C (1.4F). So it was a really cold day out there. Maybe we need to wait for a warmer day but there may not be many if those. And I have to say (just between me and the blogosphere) my Achilles tendons (that I injured this summer) were in loads of pain skating but I kept it to myself. Perhaps there will be more sledding then skating this year or perhaps they will get over This. I do think Ko- Ko did this same thing last year.

Now the big ones are listening to music and the little ones are playing with playdough.

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