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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


It is Top Ten Tuesday and I have had this post ready and waiting for today. Hope you enjoy and share with me anything you love or would suggest on the topic of sledding!

I love sledding on a good long hill. The faster the better. I love that feeling. It's almost as good as roller coasters but way cheaper...or free if you have ever ridden a cardboard box! And this is one of my favorite things about homeschooling because when we are done we hit the park and skate or sled. It is right up the street from us. I don't know what we will do when we move because we go Every Day.

1. Saucers. These are my favorite Sleds of all time. The added fun of spinning while racing down hill. Who doesn't love that.

2. Foam Sleds. These I have only seen in the last few years and I think they are new and they are fast! Love them. Not as much as a saucer but still loads of fun

3. Exercise. Man sledding is a work out climbing up those hills. And it is so much better then some exercise routine. It is funner then wii fit or wii sports resorts. You will not realize how much exercise you got until you come home exhausted.

4. Fort Henry Hill Kingston Ontario. I am sure everyone has a fantastic hill somewhere, except maybe Saskatchewan. And I love our neighborhood hill up the street but Fort Henry Hill is Big. Steep. Finishes with you sliding across the ice. And is not allowed, but the whole city goes anyway! They even have contests.

5. Ice Slides. Every made one? We always did as kids down the hill in our yard (growing up in the country). My brother became a bit of an expert at it and as an adult each year he maps out the ultimate trail down the hill, through the woods, up a short incline (like a ramp) to sending you soaring in the air before you land in pile of snow on the lake. Then he banks the whole thing and ices it. My parent s are on a 4 acre rectangular lot. This is an ice slide to proud of. I do not have pics because I don't want to wreck my phone/camera. Lets just say this ice slide has a 5 and over age limit.

6. Mud Slides. It's March (or April in a bad year), the snow is melted, the ground is un-thawing and everything is slick with mud and you just want to go sledding? Put those snow pants back on, or splash pants if you have them., grab some cardboard, foam sled or saucer (other options don't work as well) find a hill, nice and muddy and go sledding. Also works in warmer weather after rain storm. I don't advise this if you don't own a washing machine...or hose.

7. Hot Chocolate. It is required when you come in side. My favorite is Carnation's Rich n Creamy. I add a bit of powdered milk to my water (creamer still), marshmallows, cinnamon, candy canes, chocolate curls. All these thing make it even better.

8. Coming in at dinner time? Tomato and grilled cheese sandwiches are nice with your hot chocolate.

9. Mitten Warmers. A toasty pair of hot paws in your boots and in your mitts. However this can really add up over time so make your own. I made some as Christmas Craft #20, which I also blogged today. There is a tutorial at the bottom of the post. Got a big thermos? Fill it with a second set of mitten warmers as the thermos will help hold the heat.

10. Buy Snow Pants. They are made for adults too. You don't need to spend $100 on ski pants. Giant Tiger or Walmart will carry a cheap pair tha

t will do just fine. When playing with the kids it is best to dress like the kids. Yes the pics are of expensive ones but you get the point. Dress Wa


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