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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


What? You thought I was going to stop at #19? That would just be a weird number to stop at.

But before we get to that Check out this weeks Carnival of Homeschooling (I'm in it) over at Home Sun Juggling.

Yesterday Runner and I made him some boot warmers. He was thrilled with them. They are always so simple and easy to make. He has grown so much that last years boot warmers could be this years mitt warmers except he has chosen gloves.

Later that night I thought to myself that they would make nice gifts if I used some of my Christmas fabric. So I made some family sets for my brother's family and DH's twin brother's family. Then I made a set for my parents. I backed them in the unbleached cotton I used on my quilt.

Happy with the effect I made three more sets for my friends families using prints left ocher from making our traditional ribbon clothes. For my one friends daughter I used some of my Mom and babies round the world fabric to honor the other Half of her heritage.

They are easy to make. Just draw around the edge of your hand or foot about a 1/2 inch from the sides and top.

You should end up with a half oval shape that end mid palm on your hand or mid each on your foot. Pin this to some fabric and cut for pieces (2 for each hand or foot).

Place two pieces with wrong sides together and sew around curved edge (leaving straight edge open).

Turn right side out and fill 1/2 way with oatmeal, feed corn, wheat or uncooked rice (rice doesn't hold heat as long as the others).

For an extra special effect add some cinnamon and nutmeg. They will smell all wintery when heated. To heat just through in the microwave. These are fairly small 30 - 50 seconds should be plenty. If you have a second set and a wide mouth thermos then before leaving the house put your second set in the thermos to hold the heat for those extra ling out door dats where you will be away from the house.

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