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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Indigo books and I have a bit of a thing.

I love the bookstore and I love Indigo books. So of course it sees me every Christmas with my indigo card (teachers discount since as a homeschool Mom I am a teacher, gotta love a store that says that). And today while buying my husband a kobo e-reader (which also downloads books from the library) I discover a hardcover children's picture book called "A Porcupine In A Pine Tree, A Canadian 12 Days Of Christmas ".

So I bought it. It has everything from Leaping Leaps (hockey), Munching Mounties (donuts of course) to beaver tails.

I totally recommend a trip to Indigo or chapters for this book. And no one is paying me to say this (I don't think I am big enough in the blogosphere to be getting reviews yet), I am just that thrilled with the book.

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