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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tuesday in Toronto

It was a great, packed day!

We started out at the CN tower as it was a much anticipated part of the day.

--Runner looking out at CN tower-
We took the basic trip up the elevator. Once up (it travels a 22km an hour) we walked around the indoor observation deck, nearly got blown away on the outdoor observation deck and stood on the glass floor looking down.

-------going up the elevator--------

-------looking out at city below-----

----city/airport from outdoor deck-

----------on the glass floor-------
Runner bought a CN tower glitter lamp and 3D puzzle. I got Indy a (regular) puzzle.

Next we went to Union station and got transit day passes for my Sis and I and kids tickets for the kids. And then we took the subway up to the Eaton's center.

---------SW in Union Station-------

----------boys on subway----------
when we got out and came up to street level we saw a huge crowd. We went to take a look and discovered that Dairy Queen had created a gigantic cake. We did not stay in line for cake (it would have taken much of our day).

----------giant DQ cake------------
Then we went to the Eaton's centre. I remember the Eaton's centre (from my kid memories)
as having way cooler stores then we had at home. However it was much the same sort of thing as we have at home. But it was so much bigger of course. We had lunch in the food court and looked around the "path" a little. Then we took a streetcar down Queen street to Spadina.

---------Ko-Ko on streetcar---------
Once there we looked around the shops in Chinatown. There was deals galore. Markets of food and herbs. Stores with toys in boxes with Chinese writing. SW found some great shoes for only $35!

We went to Kensington Market where Ko-Ko loved the clothes (I knew she would) she got a skirt (I will have to add elastic to the waist)

-----------Ko-Ko's skirt-----------
Then (with sore feet) we stopped for some DQ in the Dragon Mall (still in Chinatown)

---------Runner's DQ --------------
We took streetcar and subway back down to Union Station. Unloaded our bags into the car and grabbed some hoodies and fresh socks. We were going against the flow as there was a steady stream of suit heading to Union station to catch go-trains home.

------------flow of suits-------------
Then we went to East side Marios for dinner. Ko-Ko and Runner ate for $2. We enjoyed our meal slowly with some good conversation.

-----My Sis and Ko-Ko at dinner--

---------me at dinner--------------
Then we headed back down by the CN tower, past skydome to Roundhouse park for our play. We saw many scalpers on the way. Once there we took pics of the roundhouse and trains for Indy.

We saw a playground and headed over. Ko-Ko and Runner burned off some energy. SW, my sis and I didn't have any.

Then we headed into the play. We saw the Railway Children. It was wonderful. We lived it. The staging was brilliant. And most amazing if all. A train (yes a real one) came in and out of the theatre.

We headed back to the car. Enjoyed the view of the CN tower from its base at night.

Then we got in the car (and saw a policeman director traffic,

and headed to a hotel in Whitby (more points) for the night. It wa a great trip.

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  1. WOW! Fantastic day for ALL!! I love Toronto, so many people out and about. Glad you are having a good time on your visit.