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Monday, November 29, 2010


More crafts, we are on a role.

Sunny Not has finished some of her snowman. I think she had done great for someone who didn't sew. She knows how now!

She and SW are downtown today at the large downtown library and then HS drama. Sunny Not still attends PS highshool but is allowed into this program anyway which is nice.

Meanwhile I have had a nice late morning / early afternoon sewing session with the younger ones.

Ko-Ko made candy canes. They have a weird hook to them. If we do more I will re-cut the candy canes. I didn't take into account how the seam allowance would effect the hook.

Runner made some Holly leaves. This is my favorite cams design. When I was a Child I would receive a note from Santa in my stocking every year with a holly design drawn in the corners. I am happy with how this turned out.

I made some reindeer heads. I struggled with the antlers. I am not used to feeling frustrated when it comes to sewing. I do mostly like how they loom but if anyone has seen a nice reindeer head please send me a pic or link to a pattern.

I have a few more ideas up my sleeve so there will be more yet to come. I must say I am pleased that I still have more ideas because bit Ko-Ko and I are the types who want a new project all the time. Except when we develop a favorite then we get repetitive.

I also baked up the cookies that we put into our cookie balls.

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