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Monday, November 22, 2010


Snowman Kit

I came across a very creative blog called Creative Bubbles and on it I found this snowman kit, an idea from this site.

Anyway, I thought the whole thing was a great idea. I have 5 nieces. So I made one for my brother's girls (ages 6 & 4, his 2 year old will get something else), and one for DH's brother's girls (also 6 & 4).

I made mine a little different, here is the breakdown of my kit.

Snowman bag from the dollar store. I think it's very cute.

Christmas box
from the dollar store. In it are 4 decorative buttons for his tummy, a bow(wirh red button), 2 black buttons for eyes and a smile made of black buttons and pony beads. These all have pipe cleaners twisted together in the back to stick into the snow. I am hoping this makes them less likely to fall off and get lost. This is why I didn't make the black rocks for a coal mouth, I liked it, but figured they would be lost quickly.

Mittens. I got these from the dollar store. I also got a pack of 5 dowels from Michael's. I stuck the dowels in the mitts, secured with a hot glue gun and tied tight with some red yarn.

Nose. For the nose, I liked the fake carrot but did not see any. I got stiff felt (4 for a dollar), cut a large triangle, put wrong sides together, sewed it together and clipped seam allowance. I turned it the right way out, stuffed with stuffing. Then I cut a circle to fit the end, cut a + in the center and sewed circle to bottom of nose, stuck half a dowel inside. Then I cut a rectangle, cut three slits in the end, wrapped around the dowel, spread the end over end of carrot and secured all with hot glue gun.

Scarf. I bought a red fleece scarf and a white fleece scarf from the dollar store. I found a pic of a simple snow flake by googling "snowflake" in google images. I traced it, and cut it out of the white scarf. I sewed one on each end of the red scarf and decorated with coloured glitter glue sticks for my glue gun.

Top Hat. I bought this from the dollar store too. It was a hat in the toy section. I cut the string out, cut a strip of white from the white scarf, hot glued it to the hat as a hat band. I cut holy leaves from some green fleece I had in my scraps, and hot glued them on with some red pompoms I bought from the dollar store.

I am really happy with this and think it will be a great present for the girls.

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